Friday Morning Sprint

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Published on December 14, 2019 -

Friday Morning Sprint

Haddie's talking about some fog and drizzle that has Mauston Schools opening 2 hours late.


Friday Morning Sprint

Morning sprint as our team gets you ready with everything you need to know on your friday morning.

Haddie's talking about some fog and drizzle that has mauston schools opening 2 hours late this morning.

But we start inside madison schools.

Where more district employees are speaking out about the district's discipline policies.

We spoke to a staff member who wanted to remain anonymous ... saying the current policy doesn't work for every student.

They want to see more effort put into changing student behavior.

The district says research backs up their policy and it takes time to see behavior changes in students.

The madison school district and police are investigating after several hidden cameras were found in students hotel rooms during a school- sponsored trip to minneapolis.

A spokesperson for the madison school district confirms... students from east high school found the devices in their rooms last weekend.

A madison east teacher who was chaperoning the trip has been placed on leave as a precaution during the investigation.

Police say this woman -- lacandis walker -- is facing charges after attacking an educator at orchard ridge elementary school over how her child was disciplined.

Police say walker grabbed the staff- member by the hair ... punched her in the face ... and cked her after throwing her on the ground.

She's facing felony battery charges.

Breaking overnight into the channel 3 thousand alert center... madison police are investigating after an east side family woke up to a stranger in their home.

A man and his wife say they heard someone in their house on la sierra way ... just off of buckeye road ... at about 10 last night.

He went to investigate and found a man wearing dark clothes.

That suspect climbed out the kitchen window and got away.

Today: mostly cloudy with a chance of drizzle or flurries in the afternoon.

High: 36 wind: light and variable tonight: mostly cloudy with areas of fog and light snow or flurries, possibly mixed with freezing drizzle.

Low: 27 wind: light and variable we're expecting a vote on articles of impeachment against president trump today.

The house judiciary committee debated for more than 14 hours yesterday ... before ending late in the night.

They'll pick things back up this morning... and are expected to approve the articles along party lines.

That would set up a full house vote on impeachment sometime next week.

It appears 'brexit' is on track to happen by the end of january ... after u-k prime minister boris johnson's conservative party declared victory in the election overnight.

The win ensures johnson will have the support to go ahead with his plan to take the u-k out of the european union... by january 31st.

The adams county district attorney is filing charges against this man -- robert j.

Olson - in connection to the disappearance of 24-year-old annastasia evans.

Olson is charged with hiding a corpse, providing false information on a missing person and obstructing an officer.

On november 23, a hunter came across human remains in a wooded area in adams county-- belonging to evans.

The investigation is ongoing.

Middleton police say three students are facing charges for online threats that closed two area schools this week.

Both middleton and clark street community schools were closed on wednesday.

The district says all three students have since been suspended.

17-year-old jakob ripp.is facing charges of unlawful use of computerized communications systems... two other 16- year-olds are also facing charges.

It's chuck foulke day in middleton... as chief foulke's four decades of public service end today... as he officially retires from the police department.

From intern to police chief... foulke has held nine jobs at the department.

He notably led middleton through last year's workplace shooting... and calls that one of the most trying days of his career.

Foulke notified the city council of his intent to step down over the summer.

The council hopes to have a new chief named by january.

We spoke exclusively with foulke about what's next for him and this department in our show this morning.

You can watch that conversation on channel 3000 dot com.

The man killed in this week's officer-involved shooting in beloit is being identified as 23- year-old montay penning.

According to police, penning was spotted driving a stolen car shortly before noon tuesday.

Following a short chase, penning was shot and killed by three officers on harrison avenue.

Beloit police say they thought he had a gun ... but that fact has not been confirmed by state investigators.

Loved ones are saying good-bye to one of three minnesota national-guard members, killed in a helicopter crash.


Kort plantenberg and two other guardsmen were killed... when their blackhawk helicopter crashed last week, during a matinence test flight.

A team of investigators is working to figure out what went wrong.

Flags were flown at half- staff thursday in honor of plantenberg.

Funerals for rogers and nord are scheduled for next week.

Officials in waukesha will continue investigating what caused an explion that could be felt a half mile away.

It happened at the 'airgas' plant yeerday afternoon.

Representatives from the company say the explosion came from the hydrogen storage area of the plant.

Firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

The roads are pretty slick this morning especially on the ramps and bridges, make sure you give yourself a little extra time.

Picking up now westbound on the beltline between stoughton and monona drive adding an extra minute or two.

Starting to slow down now inbound on john nolen at rimrock as you make your way into downtown.

And other main routes coming into the city moving along with no crashes or delays with your first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: mostly cloudy with a chance of drizzle or flurries in the afternoon.

High: 36 wind: light and variable tonight: mostly cloudy with areas of fog and light snow or flurries, possibly mixed with freezing drizzle.

Low: 27 wind: light

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