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Open exactly a week ago tonight is when county leaders and engineers in okitbbeha county had growing concerns over the oktibbeha county lake dam// since then, pumps were brought in to help lower the water levels... the board of supervisors is meeting tonight and they're expected to give an update on the dam... our quentin smith is at the meeting and joins us live with more.... joey and aundrea... this how things out here look now.... the good news is it appears as if the pumps are paying off... county leaders say the lake has gone down almost four feet since last week.... also, engineers say there hasn't been any change to the slide since last week as well.... although things have regressed out here at the lake... there are still a lot of unanswered questions such on what's going to happen next??

Some of those questions are expected to be addressed during tonight's meeting... things are set to begin at 5-30... we will bring you another live update from the board meeting coming up a little later on wcbi news at 6... but for now... reporting live in oktibbeha county..

Quentin smith... back to you in the studio... developing stinger a fight between inmates leaves two dead in unit 30 at parchman last night// one of the victims has been identified as 35-year-old timothy hudspeth.

Hudspeth was serving a ten year sentence from tate county for possession of a firearm by a felon.

The second victim's identification is pending notification of next of kin.

The cause of death will be released once autopsies are completed.

The mississippi department of corrections says the fight is not related to the recent killings within the prison system.

Five inmates have died at parchman since the beginning of the new year.éé two deaths were gang related.

The third was the result of a fight among cellmates.// the fourth was from natural causes.éé the fifth death happened during the weekend when officers found gabriel carmen hanging saturday.éé surveillance video is a huge help for law enforcement to solve crimes... over the years, technology has improved security footage which helps police.

Wcbi's bobby martinez talks to louisville police chief sean holdiness who says security footage has helped them find wanted suspects faster.


Guys, louisville police chief sean holdiness says when he began his law enforcement career 25 years ago, investigating an incident was very difficult because security footage wasn't as advanced as it is today.

Fast forward to now, cameras are pretty much everywhere, something he says helps law enforcement solve some of the biggest crimes.

Sot "we want all the video we can get."

Solving a crime can take hours - days or even years.

Louisville police chief sean holdiness says security footage plays a major part in solving a crime.

It can pinpoint exactly what happened and the exact person that committed the crime.

"they might not be breaking in your store, or might not be robbing your business.

But videos from other stores, or businesses or homes, will help us corroborate whether or not that person or not drove by to go to the place they actually robbed."

In one of the latest investigations, louisville police are trying to find the people that robbed a dollar general.

At first, officers were able to get pictures.

Later they found surveillance video of the hold-up.

Now, holdiness believes he's closer to finding the three accused robbers.

"because where the store is, and the quickness they went in and robbed the store and a customer, you know, even though our officers showed up less than three minutes after the call went out, but they were able to leave, then taking them pictures, and downloading that video, helps tremendously.

Holdiness sees how video has changed how officers do their jobs in his 25 years of law enforcement.

It can protect the public and those who wear a badge.

"we want to be as transparent with the public and we want them to, if there's a question that comes up about an arrest, or a accusation or whatever, we want to be able to, you know, articulate here it is.

I mean you can't get any better than video."

"if a complaint or accusation was made against an officer, basically it was your word verse theirs and we don't want that."

Chief holdiness says video is great to help convict a criminal but law enforcement still need help from people... so he encourages anyone to come forward with information about the robbery at dollar general.

Centered up county leaders receive an update on the crawford gym renovation.

Plans have been announced.

Now, the dirty work is set to begin to restore the community landmark.

Today, those plans were discussed with residents in southern lowndes county.

There will be new floors, a new roof, and a new exterior.

The restrooms and bleachers will also be renovated.

Supervisor jeff smith says this project is for everyone that lives in the area.

"it's going to be like a totally new building.

It's going to provide a multi- purpose, not only will it be for athletics.

It will also be for educational and community projects.

Like i said before, meetings, workshops, things that the community has the need to be able to host in a centralized location.

This gives them those options that otherwise they may not have."

The 350-thousand dollar project is expected to be complete in may.

Off top a heads up for some drivers in lowndes county// cross drain replacement will close beersheba road tomorrow// it'll closed from 8:30 a-m to 2 p-m.

No through traffic will be allowed while the replacement is happening.

If you need more information, call the lowndes county road department.

First look stinger first look summary: clouds will increase wednesday out ahead of our next weather maker arriving thursday and thursday night.

Another 1/2?

To 1 1/4?

Of moisture may fall but it certainly won't be as heavy as the last few systems that have rolled on through the region.

Rain chances quickly decrease friday centered eat your vegetables.

You probably remember your mom insisting on a clean plate.

But what goes into a balanced meal is often up for debate.

School lunch is arguably one of the most important moments of the day.

Most trays will have a meat, a grain, a fruit and a vegetable...but some of these food groups could ádisappeará from your child's plate in the coming months thanks to proposed roll backs from the trump administration.

Currently, the u-s- d-a enforces the obama-era "my plate" guideline throughout school lunch rooms across the country, which puts a large emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

"they can pick all five items, or they can pick, they have to at least have three.

One of those three being a fruit or a vegetable."

"even if it's just one or two kids that we get to try something new and they like it, you know, i would hope that, that's something we could accomplish."

The proposed rules from the trump administration will be published on jan.

23 and will be subject to a public comments period for 60 days before becoming finalized.

Mississippi blood services is experiencing a severe shortage.

And it is asking for help.

Our stephanie poole joins us live in the studio with more on what medical facilities are doing to overcome the crisis .

According to the american red cross, every two seconds a person in the u-s needs blood.

While more populated areas aren't generally impacted by the growing demand for blood, small towns are experiencing a shortage.

" we don't hesitate to keep a supply when it comes to patient care."

Sandi kilburn is the blood bank supervisor for baptist memorial hospital.

She says during the winter more and more medical centers are facing the challenge of finding blood donors.

" while the crisis is waning we still need donations because the rural areas will be more impacted with problems with weather, any challenges of accidents,or whatever because of where they are situated."

Often times, small town medical centers run extremely low in all blood types.

Kilburn says the biggest reason for the low supply can be due to traveling."

" the biggest impact they face is the distance it takes to get blood to them.

If they got their full stock and got their inventory up to date then it's not such a problem.

They get what they need so we really need to keep up donations whether if it's a crisis or not."

Butt sots " they will call and ask us why do you need so much and we'll tell them we have an emergency, surgeries so we're going to need this blood."

Although baptist memorial hospital isn't experiencing a shortage at their facility, they are still relying on the publics help.

" if you're a regular donor, just please don't hesitates to keep your appointments going, call and try to be able to donate on your regular every 8 weeks schedule."

Baptist memorial hospital is hosting a blood donation drive on january 31st.

It will be in the outpatient conference center from 12 to 5pm.

Stinger a ministry is helping bring positive change to amory, one person at a time// we learn more about "change amory" a monroe county ministry is making an impact in the community.// our allie martin tells us about "change amory" and how the organization faced it's own struggle until the oldest community foundation in the state, stepped in// whenever she can, raven sanders visits the offices of "change amory" nats the ministry opened its doors in 2014 as a way to help clients of the amory food pantry with other necessities, such as rent and utilities.

Two years ago, sanders moved to amory.

She was trying to improve her circumstances, working toward an assicoate's degree, and change amory was there to meet some needs.

"i've always tried to do things on my own, but when i met these ladies they were like superwomen, they helped me from spiritual side, as far as encouragement for myself."

When change amory started, it was part of the gilmore foundation.

But that organization closed its doors and the small ministry, with no paid staff, needed help getting its non profit status so sister mary fellerhoff contacted the create foundation for help and advice.

"after less than an hour of meeting they said, you can be a special project, and we said, what does that mean.

They become our money manager and the agreement is that you do pursue your own 501 c 3, that was the agreement.

We wouldn't have been able to survive without the help of create.

" change amory now has its own 501 c 3 tax exempt status.

Sister fellerhoff says the ministry learned a lot from its partnership with create and now is even better prepared to help those who need a hand up.

In amory, allie martin, wcbi news change amory holds interviews once a week with people who may need assistance stinger 3-shot weather open summary: clouds will increase wednesday out ahead of our next weather maker arriving thursday and thursday night.

Another 1/2?

To 1 1/4?

Of moisture may fall but it certainly won't be as heavy as the last few systems that have rolled on through the region.

Rain chances quickly decrease friday and that will set up a pretty nice and seasonable weekend.

Dry weather continues early next week.

Tuesday night: clear during the evening with an increase in cloud cover late.

Lows in the low 20s.

Winds become light and variable.

Wednesday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs top out in the mid to upper 40s.

Winds se 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: mostly cloudy.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Thursday: clouds with areas of rain developing.

Highs in the upper 40s.

Thursday night: areas of showers.

Lows in the 40s.

Friday: a few morning showers are possible but most of the day is looking drier and drier as new data arrive.

Look for highs in the 50s with westerly winds developing.

Friday night: variably cloudy.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Saturday & sunday: partly cloudy.

Highs in the mid 50s.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Monday & tuesday: a mix of sun and clouds.

Highs warming into the low 60s by tuesday with overnight lows moderating back into the upper 30s and 40s.

Stay connected summary: clouds will increase wednesday out ahead of our next weather wrap stinger hailstate hoops drops a heartbreaker to south carolina...but we'll have to move past the defeat quickly more from head coach spx open even in defeat, there are plenty of positives to take away from mississippi state's two point loss to the #1 team in the country the youngest players on the floor for mississippi state scored 40 of the 79 points....the program's highest rated recruiting class putting on a show on the national stage it was the first true road test for the young group...freshman rickea jackson says the team was continuing to trust in the system to come back from being down 12 early in the ball game "just being poised and staying within our team.

We knew that they were a very good team, and there was going to be a big crowd, but that's nothing we've never played in before.

We have a lot of fans here also.

So just playing our game and not getting rattled."

"if we get beat again this year, it won't be because the moment was too big for us.

We proved last night the moment ain't too big.

There isn't going to be a bigger game this year, unless we're playing in the last one.

So, it won't be because the moment was too big.

It might bebecause we didnt play well, we might not have done other things, but it won't be because we were all tied up and couldn't function because we were nervous.

I think our kids handled that extremely well last night, and i;m really encouraged by that.

I think i learned something about my team last night."

Hailstate hoops will have a chance to start a new win streak thrusday on the road at vanderbilt ole miss men's basketball in action tonight...8 pm tip against tennessee, rebels still in search of that first sec win mississippi state will look to make it a three-game win streak tomorrow at home against arkansas and ole miss women's basketball back in action thursday as well, on the road against auburn oregon makes the hiring of former missisisppi state head coach joe moorhead official moorhead will be the offensive coordinator for the ducks in 2020 moorhead compiled a 14-12 record in two seasons in starkville mike leach's staff at mississippi state almost complete....the new bulldogs head coach missing two more to finish his first staff almost the entire staff coming from washington state to join leach in the sec....defensive line coach jeffery phelps and defensive backs coach darcel mcbath reportedly joining officially yesterday tony hughes will be retained....his job title remains to be announced state with two more spots to fill...most notably the defensive coordinator position.....leach nor mississippi state has made the official announcements on the staff...but thanks to updated twitter bios, the staff is coming together one by one awful news out of birmingham as former mississippi state wide receiver de'runnya wilson has died wilson was found shot in a home in birmingham, alabama....and birmingham police is investigating it as a homicide wilson was tied for the second most career touchdown receptiosn in mississippi state football history, and finished top ten in almost every major category as a receiver for the bulldogs... the wide receiver nicknamed bear was 25 years happening this weekend wcbi's 27th annual bridal showcase and fashion show// this is a look back at last years show// doors open a ten saturday morning with the fashion show starting at 12-15// tickets just cost 15 bucks and you can get them at the door// if you're getting ready to start planning your big day, this show's a good place to start knocking some things off your wedding to do list// for more information visit our website wcbi dot come// last look

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