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Published on January 23, 2020 -
WCBI News At 10 012120

WCBI News At 10 012120

Two officers are injured after lee county sheriff jim johnson says they were assaulted by an inmate// thanks for joining us tonight at nine// 20-year-old quartaveous lyles is charge with two counts of simple assault on an officer// saturday, correction officers were alerted to an inmate causing problems in a holding cell// as officers were removing the inmate, investigators say another inmate wouldn't let the officer close the door and attacked the officer// more officers came to help get the inmate under control and restrained// during the altercation one officer was punched in the head and another suffered a broken ankle// sheriff johnson issued a brief statement saying in part "the department will not tolerate anyone causing harm to anyone in the facility."

A fight between inmates leaves two dead in unit 30 at parchman last night// one of the victims has been identified as 35-year-old timothy hudspeth.

Hudspeth was serving a ten year sentence from tate county for possession of a firearm by a felon.

The second victim's identification is pending notification of next of kin.

The cause of death will be released once autopsies are completed.

The mississippi department of corrections says the fight is not related to the recent killings within the prison system.

Five inmates have died at parchman since the beginning of the new year.éé two deaths were gang related.

The third was the result of a fight among cellmates.// the fourth was from natural causes.éé the fifth death happened during the weekend when officers found gabriel carmen hanging saturday.éé meanwhile, state leadership is making a renewed commitment to sharing details as soon as they're confirmed// courtney ann jackson has the latest developments// the latest two deaths were shared via the mdoc twitter account tuesday morning.

With an ongoing investigation into the recent violence, governor tate reeve and mdoc make this note.

"it appears at this time that these were isolated incidents.

That they were not related to the gang violence that led to a number of occurrences several weeks ago."

Sunflower county coroner heather burton's release paints a more specific picture of what happened in the early morning hours.

We now know that both inmates appear to have died from blunt force beating injuries.

James talley died when attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Timothy hudspeth was dead in a bed inside unit 30 when the coroner arrived.

The governor is also emphasizing a commitment to keeping an open line of communication about what's happening behind prison walls.

"we want to get accurate information out but we want to get it out as quickly as possible.

This administration is going to be transparent.

That's the reason the information was released this morning from the department of corrections.

You didn't have to hear rumors."

That same desire for transparency was echoed by mdoc interim commissioner tommy taylor monday.

At the legislative level, senator juan barnett says his corrections committee will keep it a priority.

"just know that going forward we are working on this on a daily basis and we're trying to find the best solutions to correct this problem as soon as we can.

Money doesn't solve everything so we are looking at everything.

When i say everything, i mean everything."

A scuffle between a west point walmart employee and a suspected shop lifter caused a bit of a scare this evening// west police police say they were called to the walmart for a man accused of shoplifting// police chief avery cooks tells wcbi the incident involved a gun, but no shots were ever fired in the incident// the suspect was arrested after leaving the walmart// walmart employees were able to describe the suspect leading to police finding him// police say the general public was never in any danger// the suspect is in custody// the investigation is still ongoing// solving a crime can taken up to years// but thanks to technology enhancements, police are using that to their advantage// louisville police chief sean holdiness says security footage has played a major role in solving crimes// a recent robbery in louisville is prompting the department to show some security footage to the public with the hopes of catching those responsible for the crime// holdiness says security footage helps law enforcement pinpoint exactly what happened and the exact person that committed the crime// "they might not be breaking in your store, or might not be robbing your business.

But videos from other stores, or businesses or homes, will help us corroborate whether or not that person or not drove by to go to the place they actually robbed."

Holdiness says video is great to help convict a criminal but law enforcement still need help from people// so if you have information on a crime, police ask you come forward and remember that you can remain anonymous// the columbus police department hires an assistant police chief and investigations commander// city leaders took up the consideration for the the possible hires at tonights city council meeting// doran johnson will serve as the assistant chief// he's a former c-p-d officer// rick jones will be the captain of the criminal investigations division// jones is also a former cpd officer and lowndes county adult detention center jail administrator// first look stinger first look summary: clouds will increase wednesday out ahead of our next weather maker arriving thursday and thursday night.

Another 1/2?

To 1 1/4?

Of moisture may fall but it certainly won't be as heavy as the last few systems that have rolled on through the region.

Rain chances quickly decrease friday and that will set up a pretty nice and seasonable weekend.

Dry weather continues early next week.

Tuesday night: clear during the evening with an increase in cloud cover late.

Lows in the low 20s.

Winds become light and variable.

Wednesday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs top out in the mid to upper 40s.

Winds se 5-10 mph.

Roll vo in monitor the dam at the oktibbeha county lake continues to be a concerning issue for county leaders and residents// during tonight's board of supervisors meeting it was the first topic discussed// the board discussed draining the lake, which is now a top priority/// our quentin smith speaks with county leaders about this issue// so quentin are they wanting to drain the lake completely?

Not completely scott... fire coordinator kirk rosenhan says they want to drain it just below the soft spots in the dam itself.

The discovery of a mud-slide last week....and a potential breach of the levees are highlighting some of the concerns at the lake, now county leaders are work tirelessly to fix this issue to prevent anything worse from happening it was the discovery of this mudslide at the oktibbeha county lake that prompted county leaders to issue a voluntary evacuation and bring in pumps to begin pumping water out of the lake.

" they are doing more than what we thought and when we expected.

We were expecting around 25,000 gallons per minute, i think we're hitting around 50,000 gallons per minute."

The water levels have since gone down roughly 4 feet.

However during is presentation to the board of supervisors, ire coordinator kirk rosenhan says an additional 4 to 5 feet of water needs to be pumped out of the lake before they can begin to drain it.

"the dam is leaking but it is not leaking all the way at the bottom of it.

We're going to reduce the lake level down to a specified level as per the county engineer, that way they can go ahead and modify that intake structure then we can keep the lake down.

At this point it's too high and water won't go in it."

Ema coordinator kristen campanella says this should take roughly 2 weeks to complete.

However she admits the upcoming rainfall in the forecast could push things back..

" last we heard, every half inch that we get is 4 feet add it to the lake so of course will be monitoring that, but you know it's weather so we'll have to wait and see until it gets here."

Since last week the county has been downgraded from a warning, to a watch status.

Also engineers say there hasn't been any change to the slide since last week as well... while county leaders continue working to lower the water levels the roads just north of riviera road to just south of walter bell road will continue to be closed..

" we are making excellent progress.

I've got six pumps and up to four siphons working right now 24 seven.

We redid some of our piping yesterday and it greatly enhanced the flow rate."

Roll vo in monitor campanella says the county signed a local proclamation for the january 11th storm.

Now they're hoping to have the governor to sign off on it and issue a state of emergency declaration... followed by a presidental declaration..

Stinger 2 shot summary: clouds will increase wednesday out ahead of our next weather maker arriving thursday and thursday night.

Another 1/2?

To 1 1/4?

Of moisture may fall but it certainly won't be as heavy as the last few systems that have rolled on through the region.

Rain chances quickly decrease friday and that will set up a pretty nice and seasonable weekend.

Dry weather continues early next week.

Tuesday night: clear during the evening with an increase in cloud cover late.

Lows in the low 20s.

Winds become light and variable.

Wednesday: increasing clouds but dry.

Highs top out in the mid to upper 40s.

Winds se 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night: mostly cloudy.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Thursday: clouds with areas of rain developing.

Highs in the upper 40s.

Thursday night: areas of showers.

Lows in the 40s.

Friday: a few morning showers are possible but most of the day is looking drier and drier as new data arrive.

Look for highs in the 50s with westerly winds developing.

Friday night: variably cloudy.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Saturday & sunday: partly cloudy.

Highs in the mid 50s.

Lows in the mid 30s.

Monday & tuesday: a mix of sun and clouds.

Highs warming into the low 60s by tuesday with overnight lows moderating back into the upper 30s and 40s.

Stay connected with @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram and the wcbi news app weather wrap heads for folks who get their water from the hatley water department// a boil water notice has been put in place// the water department says there are eight roads that this is affecting if you live on these following roads, you need to boil your water for at least three minutes// doster road, phillips school house road, colonial circle, meadow lane, country lane, horseshoe circle, parrish drive, kuykendall road.

Stinger changes could be coming to your kids menu at school// we'll explain why next// it's safe to say school lunch is probably one of the most important moments of the day// most trays will have a meat, a grain, a fruit and a vegetable...but some of these food groups could ádisappeará from your child's plate in the coming months// our cash matlock explains// since 1916, the usda has gone through about 9 different food guidelines for school districts across the country.

The food pyramid, is one of their most recognizable guides; however, their most recent symbol is the obama-era "myplate" design.

"we have five food groups, or food components, that we're required to offer everyday.

Meat, meat alternate, the grains, vegetable, fruit, and milk."

Amy rollins is the child nutrition director for webster county schools.

She says the current guideline puts an emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

"you want half of your plate to be fruits and vegetables and the other half consists of meats and grains."

In fact, children have to select either a fruit or vegetable for the meal to be reimbursable by the government.

"we're required to offer the orange vegetable, the dark green vegetables, the legumes, so we still have to fit that all in within a week."

Children can pick up to five items for their trays, but rollins says this is a rare sight.

"they're able to pick up that much.

Most of the time they don't.

Most of the time it's meat, grain, and the fruit or vegetable that they are encouraged to pick up."

Whatever the children don't pickup or eat gets thrown away.

This is why the trump administration has recently purposed roll backs on fruits and vegetables.

Cafeteria worker rebecca tulipan says regardless of guidelines, instilling healthy eating habits at an early age is most important.

"there's a lot of different categories they get to choose from to give them healthier choices."

"even if it's just one or two kids that we get to try something new and they like it, you know, i would hope that, that's something we could accomplish."

And making a happy plate... helps make a happy kid.

"if they don't see nothing but a smile, and it makes their day easier, hey, we've done our job then."

Centered the proposed rules from the trump administration will be published on jan.

23 and will be subject to a public comments period for 60 days before becoming finalized// stinger ole miss still trying to break through, and get that first sec win could they get it done on the road?

The highlights next in sports... spx open everything has gone wrong for ole miss to start conference play....4 straight losses, three with blown leads, 2 by less than 5 points... could the rebels right the ship and get in the win column on the road?

Kermit davis and company facing off against tennessee... not a good start....vols in transition nice pass to the big john fulkerson who finishes off a 9-0 run to give who finishes off a 9-0 run to give tennesse an early ten point lead rebels down 14...breein tyree tough shot with a hand in his face.....drains the three...11 points vols lead ole miss unable to weather the storm, but still battling.....trading possessions off turnovers...devont ae shuler nice move in the paint to finish with the layup... but ole miss' offensive woes rear their ugly head again....off the pick and roll is fulkerson again...16 first half points....rebels down 19 at the break tyree still firing....two hands in his face this time drains the three... but not enough, jordan bowen adds to the lead tennessee wins 73- 48 rebels fall to 9-9, 0-5 in conference play mississippi state will look to make it three straight wins after starting sec play 0-3 a big reason why for the recent success....turning up the defense in the back to back 25-plus point wins over missouri and georgia, ben howland's team held both below 40% from the field....while outrebounding both by a margin of ten plus howland says while the defense has ramped up....the play offensively has been equally as important to getting back on track mississippi state will look to make it a three-game win mississippi state will look to make it a three-game win streak tomorrow at home against arkansas hailstate hoops arkansas hailstate hoops will have a chance to start a new win streak thrusday on the road at vanderbilt and ole miss women's basketball back in action thursday as well, on the road against auburn saturday men's basketball is back....mississippi state on the road, taking on oklahoma as part of the sec/big 12 challenge...and ole miss will try again for sec win number 1....taking on georgia let's talk some baseball...d1 baseball releasing it's preseason all- americans for the upcoming year trio of bulldogs listed...justin foscue and jt ginn named to the second team, tanner allen to the third team and the lone rebel listed...third baseman tyler keenan listed to the third team three weeks away from opening weekend of the college baseball season mike leach's staff at mississippi state almost complete....the new bulldogs head coach missing two more to finish his first staff almost the entire staff coming from washington state to join leach in the sec....defensive line coach jeffery phelps and defensive backs coach darcel mcbath reportedly joining officially yesterday tony hughes will be retained....his job title remains to be announ state with two more spots to fill...most notably the defensive coordinator position.....leach nor mississippi state has made the official announcements on the staff...but thanks to updated twitter bios, the staff is coming together one by one awful news out of birmingham as former mississippi state wide receiver de'runnya wilson has died wilson was found in a home in birmingham, alabama....and birmingham police is investigating it as a homicide wilson was tied for the second most career touchdown receptiosn in mississippi state football history, and finished top ten in almost every major category as a receiver for the bulldogs... the wide receiver nicknamed bear was last look stinger last look

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