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9pm ablock

- the search of a home in laurel- led to the seizure of a - - - - home-made bomb.

- a special agent with a-t-f is - giving us more details on what- the suspect's intentions were - with the device.- in a criminal complaint filed - today, prosecutors say- brian sanders was planning on - killing his ex-girlfriend.- on friday, federal agents and - biloxi's bomb squad searched- sanders' home where they found- the bomb, two bottles of- black powder, a fuse and severa- guns and ammunition.- agents say sanders watched- internet videos to learn how to- make the explosive.

- sanders also says he was- planning on using nails in the- bomb, which would have acted as- projectiles.- - authorities say the death of a- former mississippi state- football player whose body was- found in an alabama home- tuesday is being investigated a- a homicide.

- birmingham police say 25- - year-old de'runnya wilson - was found unresponsive inside a- south-side home by a- relative tuesday evening.

- police say wilson's death is- being investigated as a - homicide.

- a cause of death wasn't - immediately released.

- the investigation is ongoing.

- wilson played football for- wenonah high school in- birmingham.

- he went on to become a wide - receiver at mississippi state - from 2013 through 2015, - finishing his career with 22- touchdowns.

- - a fire caused by a space heater- destroyed a home, a shed, and - an s-u-v in long beach.

- harrison county fire crews- responded to the scene- around 8:30 on hartzell road.

- according to fire marshal pat - sullivan, one man was able to - escape and there were no other- injuries reported.- the blaze was caused by a heate- set up for an animal- enclosure.- the heater accidently set fire- to a shed behind the- house, which eventually spread- to the vehicle and- home.

- - two men in long beach were- sentenced and ordered to pay a- combined total of nearly one- million dollars back to the u-s- government for their roles in a- long-running odometer - scheme.

- the justice department announce- oscar blaine has- been sentenced to three years i- prison, and jeffrey - savarese, the second was- sentenced to 15 months in - prison.

- both men pleaded guilty in july- to conspiracy to- alter odometers, and baine also- pleaded guilty to - odometer tampering.

- baine, who owned oscar's used - cars on east pass road, - admitted to buying high- mileag- cars and altered the- odometers to reflect false- readings, that were sometimes - 100-thousand miles lower.

- baine also admitted that he pai- savarese and others to alter- the odometers.- nearly 400 of those altered car- were sold to unsuspecting - customers, resulting in losses- of more than 600- - thousand dollars.

- - a woman faces up to 20 years in- prison for embezzeling- more than 300-thousand dollars- from her employer.- elizabeth o'neil testified that- she stole around 15-- hundred dollars a week, over a- five-year period while working- for j.o.

Collins contractor inc- in biloxi.- an audit revealed she disguised- business- expenses and funneled them into- her personal- account because she had a - "shopping compulsion" she faces up to 20 years in - prison at a march sentencing, - - - - but the district attorney's - office is recommending- she serve five years under hous- arrest and repay the- company.- - a scary situation in harrison - county this afternoon - where a car overturned on - highway 605 following a - three car crash.- according to harrison county- fire marshall, pat sullivan,- highway patrol responded to a - crash at highway 605 and three- rivers road.- one person, who's condition is- unknown, was flown by rescue- five to a trauma center.- gulfport fire, amr and the- sheriff's department- assisted with the incident.

- highway 605 was shut down for a- short period of time due to the- crash and has since been- reopened.

- the cause of this crash is stil- under investiagtion.- - - - - now, here's meteorologist ryan- mahan, with a quick look at - - - - your weather.

- - no significant changes from - the previous forecast - package.

A progressive weather- pattern will remain in- - - - place across- the gulf south.

A fast moving - shortwave trough axis - - - - currently - moving through texas will - continue to approach the- region tonight- - - - and push through the area - tomorrow into tomorrow- night.

A surface- - - - low reflection of the upper - level trough will pass- - - - biloxi mayor "fofo" gilich is seeking support for spillway- - - - legislation.- during next tuesday's city- council meeting, mayor gilich - will- be asking the city council to - approve four measures - designed to help avoid last - summer's spillway opening.- recommended by the mississippi- sound coalition, the measures - are asking local governments to- support disaster law reforms. - and - a federal management area in th- mississippi sound.- the coalition is also requestin- a written act that gives- mississippi a voice everytime - the army corp of engineers want- to open the bonnet carre- spillway..- - cecilia dobbs-walton:"so what they're doing is they're going- to all of these communities and- asking them to look at- these resolutions, approve thes- resolutions and to show the - legislature - that the mississippi coast- values their ecosystem, values- the mississippi sound, and- they wanna have a voice."

Biloxi is looking to join pass- - - - christian and waveland as the - only cities in the coalition to- pass those measures...- - low-interest disaster loans are- now available to- mississippi small businesses an- private non-profit- organizations affected by the - algae bloom.- the u.s. business administratio- made the loans available- following governor phil bryant'- letter requesting a - disaster declaration by the - s-b-a.- eligible entities may qualify - for loans up to $2 million- dollars.- the loan rates will be 4 percen- for small businesses and- 2.75 percent for non-profits- with terms up to 30 years.- disaster loan outreach centers- are available in- harrison, hancock, and jackson- counties to - provide information and to help- individuals - complete applications...- - janel finley:"a lot of businesses might- have been affected with this- algae where they might have los- revenue or they might - have had to close up for a- while.

We're here to offer thos- low-interest loans to help- them to replenish back that - revenue that they lost."

- - - the outreach centers are here o- the coast until february- 5th.- they're open monday through - friday from 9 a.m.

To 6 p.m., - and - saturdays from 10 a.m.

To 2 - p.m.... - - the back bay mission continues- to do great things in - the community with their low- income rehabilitation - program.- the ultimate goal is to help- those with low income, the- disabled, and the elderly with- repairing their homes and get - them back to sustainable living- the city of biloxi granted the- back bay mission with 25- thousand- dollars worth of funds to aid - the program with projects in- the city.

- the low income rehab program ha- been around for years, and- appreciates the support from th- city in order to fulfill the- mission in south mississippi.

- - it's something that the back ba- mission has - done for many years.

We are - proud to be in this community - doing the work that we do.- more importantly, making sure - that everything we touch is - - - - sustainable for the families."

For a list of qualifications an- how to apply for the program, - you can contact the back bay- mission at the number listed on- your screen.- - coming up..

- a full forecast with- meteorologist ryan mahan.

- plus, - we take you to the nation's - capitol where senators are- back for day two in president - donald trump's senate - impeachment

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