Non-profit working to bring zoo to Huntsville

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Published on January 23, 2020 -
Non-profit working to bring zoo to Huntsville

Non-profit working to bring zoo to Huntsville

It's coming!

That's the message from a non-profit that is working to bring a zoo and aquarium to north alabama.

Waay31's megan reyna learned more about the plans to make it happen... and why many believe it's the right move for a booming region.

Williams say:"when it's close and convenient, i go, but it's not really close or convenient in birmingham."

Mos says:"we would love a zoo here because my kids would love it, and i have four kids."

Ethan woodruff is the head of this non-profit... trying to bring a zoo he says will be unlike any others in the area.

Just this month -- it launched its website and facebook page.

The goal right now is to promote the idea... gain donations... and corporate sponsors -- things he said the project has to have in order to be successful.

So far... many people are supportive... with nearly 75- hundred likes on the facebook page.

Megan says:"if it wasn't on social media where you saw this idea for a zoo, well it might have been right here when you were driving down memorial parkway."

Natz the billboard reads 'a zoo for you north alabama.'

Along with the advertisement... are talks with county leaders... including commissioner craig hill who says the non profit came to him with the idea six months ago.

Hill says:"the group, they have a great plan, their working towards a goal and we think it's a great idea for north alabama."

A plan that has a big price tag.

Woodruff doesn't have an exact number for the plans, but he says it could be in the tens of millions.

He says the zoo will be built in phases, which will allow it to open sooner.

As far as where it'll be... woodruff has a few locations in mind... but isn't ready to share them.

But he's enthusiastic it'll bring economic success to the area... and people i spoke to agree.

Williams says:"it brings culture and activities to a community, it always helps bring in more people and higher income people and paying higher income jobs, lots of veterinarians and people who work in a zoo."

Mr waay31 news.

As far as when we can expect a zoo... woodruff

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