Mid Morning With Aundrea January 23, 2020 (Part 2)

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Mid Morning With Aundrea January 23, 2020 (Part 2)

A special look into some true Dolly Parton fans, and a new segment from Mom to Mom.


Mid Morning With Aundrea January 23, 2020 (Part 2)

When it comes to hospitality, there is one man who has spent his life making sure the people he meets have a great day.

And after more than 40 years, he is retiring from his post.

Wilson walker talks with tom sweeney about the changes he has seen.

"back in 1976 m mom knew the general manager of the hotel.

I was just gonna do it for the summer.

The san francisco fire and police, i got called to go into that job, but this job was so exciting."

"i'm a greeter, porter, a guide, a ringmaster, a constable, a valet, and a concierge all in an eight hour shift.

And not too many people can say they have a hollywood walk of fame on the streets of san francisco."

This spot, in front of the sir francis drake hotel, has been tom sweeney's post for 43 years.

In the signature beefeater uniform, you cannot miss him.

"i've bee through 36 uniforms. my first one cost $600, and now there's $3000.

The cable car was only $.75, now it's $8.00."

In that time, this job has landed him right in the middle of just about everything.

"i've shake hands with all the presents of the united states.

There's so many movie stars and all the baseball team just to stay here.

In 1982 i was working and i tackled two robbers on this job.

That's what so exciting, you never know what's gonna happen.

It's like being in the news business you never know what story you're running on."

He has more stories than we have time to recount, but this was also a job.

"43 years i had t wake up every sunday and monday at 5:30 in the morning.

I won't miss that at all."

He says there are some tricks to this.

"you neve wanna miss sunday on this job.

And then i catch them on thursday when they check in.

So there's a lot of psychology in this job."

Watching him interact with friends and strangers, you get the feeling he would have been a great first responder.

"just go ou there, 110% every day, just treat everybody the same.

I'm dealing with millionaires and people that don't have money but you treat them all the same and it all works out in the end."

The job vacancy he will create on sunday is a highly competitive one.

"i guess it's like football player, you got to hang it up sometimes."

Remember, this was a summer job he turned into a 43 year career.

But he says now is the time to let someone else step into the uniform.

"i used to com down here with my parents and i saw this guy.

I never thought i'd be the guy.

It looks like i did ok."

In san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5.

More than 33 percent of americans age 65 and over do not have any money saved for retirement.

That's according to a survey from go banking rates.

Now some seniors are making ends meet by getting a roommate.

Jill schlesinger explains.

Pkg since retiring about six years ago, paul covington has relied exclusively on social security without any savings.

The 81- year-old needed help paying his mortgage -- so jim english, a perfect stranger, moved in.


We signed an agreement.

// so thi-- this was more of a formal process, which i liked a lot.

What were you nervous about at the time?

Payin' my mortgage.

I'm paying less than what i would if i was on my own by at least a few hundred.

This is part of a growing trend.

In 2016, 70 percent ámoreá seniors lived with roommates than a decade before.

After five months of english contributing to the mortgage and utilities, covington was able to save three-thousand dollars.

With the money coming in, do you feel more comfortable?

It's like s-- a step into heaven.


In terms of bein' relieved of-- you know, the economic pressure.

Covington and english say the benefits go beyond their bank accounts.

It's nice to come in-- you know, not to an empty place.

// i think people should be more in contact.

And something like this-- i think sh-- would work for a lotta people.

So i would recommend it-- strongly.

My daughter and my other two sons, very excited for me that i've got a roommate there are organizations that will help pair people up.

Covington and english used the non-profit new york foundation for senior citizens to make this match .

Jill schlesinger, cbs news, new york.

Experts say it's important to use a reputable organization to avoid scam artists.

And roommates should make sure to sign a contract or lease.

The names of those in the running for the big movie awards are out.

Have you seen the she's a movie star, a country music legend and an amazing business woman.

But people love her because she is just - dolly.

That's why dozens of dolly partons descending on downtown bay st.

Louis for a fun filled festival recently.

Tristan ruppert brings us more on "doll should" the fifth annual dolly should festival brought people from far and wide to downtown bay st louis.

Sot "it is great we have tupel here."

Sot "nashville, boston, dc it i like awesome.

It feels great."

It seems like word has gotten out about the event as dozens came dolled up head to toe like the backwoods barbie.

Sot "oh it really has grow and we got people coming from all places.

New orleans, mississippi, biloxi and it has become a really fun block party over the years."

Alva lamarque and her husband live in picayune and have looked forward to the event all year long.

Sot "we found it on faceboo last year and we just showed up and i am going to tell you what, we had a great time.

People were really nice and friendly, and you got alcohol."

As for what inspires dozens to do their hair up like dolly, some believe it to be her phenomenal personality.

Sot "i believe dolly is reall genuine.

She is down to earth.

I think she is a sweet and compassionate person and everyone should inspire to be more like her."

Event organizers sandy maggio and ann madden are fans of dolly but also think the city of bay st louis is a big reason why the event is a success.

Sot "bay st louis, they just al support it.

It is kind of like an incubator for creative and active people.

The whole community likes to come down and hang out.

It is just perfect."

Sot "people are up fo whatever, and it is awesome.

There is a lot of enthusiams behind the crazy ideas we put together and it is just fun.

I don't know if this would work other places but we are really glad it works here."

Reporting in bay st louis, tristan ruppert, wlox news now we'll be right back to wrap things that and more on the next midmorning.

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