ON THE BEAT 3/23/20 - JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals

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Published on March 23, 2020 -

ON THE BEAT 3/23/20 - JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals

Troy brings Jeff and Tyler Farnham with JTS and Company Mortgage Professionals to talk about the next generation in family business.


ON THE BEAT 3/23/20 - JTS & Co. Mortgage Professionals

Welcome to on the beat, everyone.

I'm troy thompson.

Joining me in the studio today is jeff and tyler farnham with jts and company mortgage professionals.

Today we're talking about the next generation in family business.

Welcome to the show, both of you.


Farnham: good morning.

Troy: tyler, nice to meet you.

Your dad brags about you continually.


Farnham: well, i appreciate it.

Troy: which means you're pretty well all right.


Farnham: there you go, i guess.

Troy: of course, i've been saying to your father that you should be coming onto the show because it's a family business.

Tell everyone at home where jts came from.


Farnham: in 1996 when we started the company- troy: yeah.


Farnham: my wife and i were sitting around the table just trying to figure out what would we call the business and obviously my wife's very important to me, my sme, my son was the only child i had at the time, very important to me.

And i said, just came to us as jts, what stands for jeff tyler and stacy.

Troy: right.


Farnham: it has just tremendous sentimental value to us, no franchise value other than we've branded it over the years.

And then the end company is we knew we'd have additional children one day and so we have a daughter tory.

She piggybacks on the t as well.

Troy: all right.

Did you know at five that you were going to be getting into the mortgage business or?


Farnham: i did not.

I had no clue- troy: it was- t.

Farnham: at age five.

Troy: this is what you're doing.


Farnham: yeah.

Troy: it's like, i think tiger woods when he was becoming ... his father wanted him to become a professional golfer.


Farnham: right.

Troy: isn't that your father's passion?


Farnham: it is.

It is.

Troy: which one's going to make you more money, do you think?


Farnham: mortgages probably.

I'm not very good at golf.

Troy: okay.

Your father and i have talked for the last year.

We've talked about what he enjoys about helping the local community in regards to people who don't know where they're going when it comes to their mortgage, they may be wanting to refinance.

What is the best thing that you like about the business?


Farnham: helping those that aren't real sure if they can live the "american dream" of owning their own home.

Having those people come in and say,

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