JTS Mortgage Minute 3/24/20 - Low Rates

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Published on March 24, 2020 -

JTS Mortgage Minute 3/24/20 - Low Rates

Tyler Farnham of JTS & Co.

Mortgage Professionals tells us that , due to the economic threat of the coronavirus outbreak, the Federal Reserve has recently cut interest rates half a percentage point.

These may be uncertain times, but with rates so low, you shouldn't bypass the opportunity to buy the home of your dreams.


JTS Mortgage Minute 3/24/20 - Low Rates

Toss to break good morning, i'm tyler farnham 1.

This month the federal reserve announced an emergency rate cut of half a percentage point due to the economic threat posed by the coronavirus outbreak.


Jts & co.

Wants our community to know we are praying for the families affected and for our country as a whole.


While we believe these trying times will soon pass, it can still be a stressful time to maneuver through.


Let's work together to protect those less vulnerable so we come out much stronger in the end.

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Although the coronavirus has evolving risks to economic activity, the impact on homebuying remains to be seen.


We may be in the midst of uncertain times, but the key to remember is not to make decisions based out of fear alone.


Working with a local, trusted lender like jts & co.

Is more important now than ever.


Although we are trying to limit our business contact to phone calls and emails as much as possible, we can still add the personal, local touch you want and need.


Please call us to schedule a free consultation to review your specific situation.


We can determine what plan of action will suit your long- term goals best.

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Homebuying demand is on the rise and we are in full swing for the spring season.


Whether you plan to purchase or refinance your home, rates are still in a great place.


If a listed home is priced well, expect it to sell quickly this year.


If you are in the market to purchase a home, being prequalified is your first step to a smooth homebuying transaction.


At jts & co.

We make the process simple with our text and online applications.


One of our loan applications.


One of our loan officers will review your information and determine how much home you qualify for.


Don't wait.


Get this step out of the way so when the home you've always wanted becomes available, you're able to get your offer in as soon as possible.

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New housing supply isn't keeping up with the rising demand so finding a new home is still a challenge in today's market.


If you're unable to find a new home that fits your needs, you may want to consider remodeling your existing home.


Loan options to consider for remodeling are a cash-out refinance or a renovation loan.


The renovation loan is used for more extensive renovations so let's sit down to see which option fits your needs best.


Shortening the term of the loan, lowering the interest rate, consolidating debt, or getting out of mortgage insurance are other reasons to consider refinancing your home.


Know what you owe on your home, your current interest rate, and your total debt consolidation amounts so your free consultation will go more smoothly.


Working with jts & co.

Is always best because there's more to getting a mortgage than just pushing a button.


We take time to know your goals and structure your mortgage in a way that's most beneficial to you.


If you're in the market to purchase, refinance, renovate or build a home, remember that jts & co.

Is local trusted and experienced and we want to be your lifetime mortgage advisor.

Thank you for joining me today, be sure to tune in next week!

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