precautions at the pump

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precautions at the pump

precautions at the pump

Grocery stores are doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus...but what about gas stations?

They're used by millions of people each day...one person after another touching the same pump nozzle handle.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine shows you what one station in lexington is doing to take extra precautions.

Usually, people don't think twice about filling up their car, but with the coronavirus outbreak, people are having to be a little bit more cautious at the pump.

Everybody needs gas at least that's true for most americans.

Everyday hu ndreds of people drive into one gas station, fill up their car...and even stop inside without giving it a second thought...but not anymore...not since the outbreak.

James brown works at a shell station in lexington.

He's seeing more people taking precautions.

I've seen a lot of people wear gloves as they pump gas.

We've had multiple people come in here wearing gloves.

I recommend wearing gloves a lot during this time.

I've seen a lot of people coming in wearing facemasks.

That's also recommendable.

This station is taking a page from the past to deal with the present...by making a pump full- service.

You pull up, press a button, and someone will come and pump your gas for you.

A customer i ran into at another station says he's not doing too much differently...but says people need to do all they can to protect themselves.

I'm staying clean.

I'm still healthy.

So i'm just taking every precaution i can to stay that way.

Butted sot right now, people just need to make sure whenever they're coughing, or sneezing, even when they're just clearing they're throats, just make sure they throw it in the elbow.

Shell says it's also wiping down pumps every two hours...cleaning the counter after every customer...and disinfecting door handles often.

James brown says other places need to sanitize just as much...or the coronavirus will continue to spread.

With everything going on, there is too much to lose not to take any of these precautions.

In lexington, bobbi mcswine, abc 36 news.


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