Piano Man Bruce Barker sparks absolute joy for thousands of people

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Piano Man Bruce Barker sparks absolute joy for thousands of people

Piano Man Bruce Barker sparks absolute joy for thousands of people

The stay at home order piano man bruce barker will be playing a 90 minute show through facebook live.

That included tonight.

Last week the show had more than 56 thousand comments and 15 thousand viewers.

I asked bruce to take me through the set-up and asked him why he's giving back.

Nat of car music: sweet caroline jb: ba ba ba music: good times never seemed.

Jb: so good as as thousands of people mostly past and present purdue alums join piano man bruce barker's facebook live.

Sot: this is my way to just say sit down and i am going to give you everything tonight and i don'tant anything in return just watch.

Jb: watch the 50-year- old neon cactus employee turn his basement into a piano bar nats jb: while he watches the amount of viewers sky rocket sot: 10,000 people are watching you right now.

That can't be true.

Then 11 then 12 and someobdy sent me a screnshot of 14,400.

Jb: the piano man filled mackey arena.

Sot: and i thought this was insane.

Jb: insane is that number is up to ------ sot: goosebumps shakoing your head like how?

Standup: piano man bruce says through his virtual show he only takes requests like this one...(music for 8 seconds) sot: it feels so good to give back.

Jb: bruce gives an epic show and the viewers receive an oasis for 90 minutes.

Jb: gathering with friends and family to enjoy good times, great music and a gratifying sense of togetherness.

Nats jb: bruce is adopted and says during the first show is birth mother watched from hawaii and his cousins did so from brazil.

Jb: he says his humor keeps people around.

Nats: this is a face that doesn't need to be in high definition.

Sot: i say always the first thing that comes to my head and sometimes its awesome and sometimes its like move on.

Next song (music for 1 second) jb: bruce is not taking donations but asking people to give to those who need help right now.

Sot: just follow your heart and give to where your heart chooses.

Jb: every show every thursday for the past 25 years bruce chooses to end each show with jimmy buffet's a pirate looks at forty.

Nats music.

Bruce has worked at the neon cactus since 1995.

The bar ened up in 1993.

Nearly 63-thousand

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