Scientists Capture the Formation of Two New Planets

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Published on May 21, 2020 - Duration: 01:25s

Scientists Capture the Formation of Two New Planets

MAUNAKEA, HAWAII — A group of astronomers has successfully captured an image of the birth of two planets orbiting the star PDS 70, according to a report published in The Astronomical Journal.

The team of researchers used an infrared pyramid wavefront sensor for adaptive optics located at the W.


Keck Observatory in Hawaii to process images of two protoplanets forming from the circumstellar disk of PDS 70.

Using the infrared sensor, the team implemented a new adaptive optics correction technique to interpret image signals taken from PDS 70 multi-planetary system.

This new infrared sensor measures light distortions caused by the Earth's atmosphere.

Sylvain Cetre, a software engineer at Keck Observatory, told Phys.org that the sensor, "dramatically improved our ability to study exoplanets, especially those around low-mass stars where planet formation is actively occurring."


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