Old Forge Forest Fire

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Published on June 26, 2020 -

Old Forge Forest Fire

Several fire departments were called to Old Forge Thursday afternoon where a fire has spread across several acres of forest near Panther Mountain on Bisby Road.


Old Forge Forest Fire

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Ny state forest rangers have now taken over fighting a forest fire on panther mountain in the town of webb...this after a number of local departments fought the fire for several hours today.

Its your top story on this thursday night.

Let me explain where this is.

Its on panther mountain which is about 15 minutes south of water safari.

We have new pictures tonight...this is a look at the conditions during the fire.... you can see the ground smouldering...crews from old forge, eagle bay inlet, otter lake and woodgate all responded.

I spoke with the old forge fire chief.

He tells me the forest rangers took over around 730 tonight.

At one point...10-15 acres were involved....crews knocked the fire down to about 1-2 acres.

He also told me whats left of the fire is on top of panther mountain... no word on what cause this forest fire.

Time for a first look at the forecast..

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