Good Day Live 4-27-17

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Published on June 24, 2017 -
Good Day Live 4-27-17

Good Day Live 4-27-17

Test >> coming up on today's "good day live."

We'll talk mint juleps and horses with a visit to churchill downs where the kentucky derby is just one week away.

>> a competition happening this week for kids, it is stem learning at its best.

>> hazelmarie talked with the author of the young reader book, lotteries plus one.

You'll hear from her and we'll tell you how to win that book and more with our friday freebie.

>> celebrating what makes the wabash valley unique and entertaining, wtwo's julie henricks and hazelmarie anderson with "good day live."

Sponsored by dorsett automotive.

>> i'm julie henricks, thanks for joining me.

Hazelmarie and me has the day off today.

>> the notebook is one of my favorite movies of all time.

>> if you have seen it, you have probably cried as hard as i have.

Ali and noah die in each other arms. it is not a script, it is real life, a couple, married for 69 years will remain together for eternity, they died just 40 minutes apart.

Nbc trina orlando has his story.

>> isaac and teresa lived an epic love story.

After nearly 70 years of marriage, they died just 40 minutes apart.

>> they grew up in argentina and wrote love letters for their courtship.

They eventually moved to the united states.

They valued family above all, they had a big one, three children, eight grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Hospital staff moved them to the same room where their grandchildren put their hands together.

>> we're kind of feeling that maybe they would be scared.

Maybe they would sense each other.

Teresa passed first but isaac wasn't ready to let her go.

>> his hand was away from my mom, his heart, his chest went flat.

>> reporter: together in life and now together in death.

Family members hope sharing isaac and teresa's love story can inspire others the way it has inspired them.

They set the bar pretty darn high.

>> such a special story.

>> our director said spoiler alert.

>> if you haven't seen the notebook, yes, i may have spoiled it.

But if you haven't seen it, shame on you.

It is going to be chilly outside.

How low will the temperatures fall tonight and >> i am not a happy camper, i got a baseball game i got to go to this evening.

>> wear your jacket or something like that.

>> it is not baseball weather, it is not anything outdoor weather.

>> it is 30 degrees cold now than it is this time yesterday.

There's a breeze.

>> the big story is the rain.

>> there could be a lot of rain.

Some rain by the weekend.

The clouds are having a tough time.

We are staying dry though.

But look at these temperatures, yesterday at this time, we were in the low 80s.

It is 49 in champagne.

In paris 53.

Terre haute, it is much, much cooler and there's a breeze out there as well.

That went through the area rm - yesterday with the severe weather, that has moved on.

Clouds thickening near kansas city, that's the next storm developing and heading our way.

>> rain showers will develop, a lot of that is going to be later in the day tomorrow.

Rain will be likely friday night, saturday into sunday.

Heavy rain over the weekend.

Temperatures in the 70s, it will be breezy and cooler on monday.

It could be very heavy rain as we head for the weekend.

>> good health is sponsored by sullivan county community hospital.

>> if you've ever suffered with tendinitis, arthritis or other know the discomfort it can , yo- bring.

Sullivan county community hospital's physical therapy department is on the cutting edge when it comes to regenerative medicine.

Now offering a treatment called a-stem.

It is one of the most researched and effective treatments available.

Learn how a-stem works and she learned from a therapist who treats patients and of course, heard from a patient as well.

>> the healing process can be rigorous when it comes to your muscles and scar tissue rather than undergoing surgery or other invasive treatments, now you have options.

>> it helps with chronic conditions, maybe other avenues that have been attempted and not been successful.

We see a lot of those types of diagnoses and it is pretty helpful.

It can start as soon as swelling of the soft tissue and bruising ub is -- subsides.

Tennis elbow is another typical treatment.

Rotator cuff problems, all of those would be candidates.

There are three specifically crafted tools that take the treatment to the next level.

>> it is a hands on technique, which is always good.

You have a little bit of time that talk to the patient while you're right there, you can feel there with the tools.

You're treating, but you're also evaluating every time you see the patient.

>> during therapy you were encouraged to stick with your normal activities.

>> the theory behind it is that you're using the muscles in your normal fashion while you're going through the treatment.

>> i can continue to do my nomal activities.

It helps, but i don't have to interrupt my daily life.

>> it doesn't just treat the symptoms or hide a problem with temporary solution.

Instead, it is a process that stimulates the body to regenerate and remodel tissues, which makes patients happy.

>> i felt like it really has helped my tissues gained strength without hurting as much anymore.

I've been able to actually do more with my lifting and workouts and well, anything.

>> a session can last as little as 15 minutes.

A typical course of treatment usually lasts four to six weeks.

If you're thinking about a-stem therapy check with your doctor.

If you have any questions, call sullivan county community hospital.

The number on the screen, extension 2291 is directly to the physical therapy.

You can visit their website.

When we return football practices are using technology to keep players safe by using robots on the field.

You'll see how this new technology is being tested at one col >> science technology engineering and math, stem learning for short has been at the forefront of education and this week a big robotics competition has been underway called the vex robotics world championship.

I talked to two students who were nine and eleven years old and the president of the robotics education foundation and we got to see a little demonstration this week, too.

>> there's actually over 18,000 teams in over 40 countries around the world.

It is culminating here.

S this the vex robotics world championship.

They are competing not just against each other but with each other.

>> as i look at that video on all of these amazing kids, i can't help but think, that's our future right there.

How does this help prepare our kids for the future.

>> that is why we do it.

This is the future.

One of the main things it does is this shows the kids at a young age that they are interesting, that they are fun.

More importantly, it gives them the confidence to understand that they are smart enough that they can do this.

It shows them hundreds, if not thousands of incredible careers and opportunities for them to pursue.

At the end of the day, you said it right, these kids are the future.

Tey are going to be the problem solvers of tomorrow.

We got plenty of problems for them to solve.

>> he with sure do.

>> caruso, i think you're doing the driving, aren't you right now?

>> parker can answer the questions.

>> let me ask, first of all, that is a pink machine, so i have to wonder if you had a little hand in that.

>> we have had the pieces for a little while.

>> i love the pink though.

What's the name of your robot?

>> the name of the robot is pinky.

What is pinky doing right now?

>> i think she is about to pick up the balls.

>> nice.

Look at that.

How did you all decide to make pinky?

I feel like i'm watching a sport.

>> well.

We first had a different robot so that it could push the balls off-the-wall.

We wanted to be able to pick them up off-the-wall and we started improving and came up with what we have now.

>> pretty impressive.

>> parker, what do you think you want to do when you grow up?

>> when i grow up i kind of want to be an artist or a musician.

Really, good for you.

>> he's doing really well.

>> they are more intimidating to the adults than they are to the kids.

>> as long as they are not intimidated.

As long as they have confidence.

>> if we have young men and young women who want to learn more about vex robotics or anything you have to tell them.

Where should they go, what should they do?

>> they can go to vex worlds.com.

They can find out about the program and starting teams and events, we need programs like this, accessible and available everywhere.

>> every boy, every girl, every represented group needs the opportunity to do this.

If everybody in society gets an equal opportunity to be the problem solvers of tomorrow, we'll get a lot more good ideas and allot more solutions.

>> perhaps the inventors competing in such a thing as vex.

Coming from dartmouth college being used to keep football players safer.

>> it can stop on a dime.

>> if you watch a runner, a he decelerates, his arm speed changes.

This thing stops and starts.

>> this is a mobile virtual player, mvp for short.

Remote control tackling dummy.

>> a guy that comes to dartmouth will never tackle another dartmouth player in his four years.

>> the technology is really to take what we know as a static tackling bag and motorize it so it mimics a player.

>> in that time a number of player concussions has dropped by more than 50%.

>> it is more than just concu concussions.

>> all of the peripherals.

>> the dummy on wheels is getting the attention of the nfl.

It is already on the steelers, ravens and dolphins.

>> patriots have been curious about it as well.

>> the dummies are easing their way into the new england high school and college scene.

They are branching into other sports, rugby, lacrosse and soccer.

And law enforcement.

>> believe it or not hockey.

>> each cost more than $8,000.

A price we are trying to get down.

>> we think the important thing to do is get this technology down to youth players.

They are working to get a prototype out on the field by this summer.

To do that, they are using funding by the nfl.

>> very impressive indeed.

>> when we return.

The author of a book termed movie titled "room" is now turning her talents to writing kids books.

Emma donahue talked to hazelmarie about this book, how you can win it and the design for a new vigo county jail.and there's unclaimed property in indiana.

Is any of it yours?how you can find out... tonight >> the author is emma donahue.

Turned into a script for your on the edge of the seat movie.

>> it like creeped me out movie.

Brie larson starred in it.

Hazelmarie talked with emma about the new chapter in her life.

Writing books now for young adult readers.

More importantly what this first book she's written is all about.

The family is composed of two same-sex couples who like to win the lottery.

>> all different corners of the world.

Very modern in some ways.

But very traditional and loving in others.

The big drama of this book is that a grandfather that they have never met before has to suddenly move in with them, because he has developed dementia.

It is kind of like a modern family but in the literary sense.

This is pretty cool.

Keeping that kind of cozy vibe that we have come to expect.

>> is it challenging to go from that one book the room, which is kind of a mystery type of thing to now taking a young adult audience.

>> i would say that it is a challenge to write for middle grade, definitely.

In some ways it is harder.

Child readers are so engaged and so interested in all of the little details and get all of the little jokes.

>> where do you find inspiration to write this book or any of your books.

My kids get off the school bus and i whip open my phone and jot things down.

Typically, i just take a situation that i have experienced and i would just imagine what if it went farther than that.

What if my kids behaved even worse.

>> if a tantrum goes to the extreme.

>> well, i have to ask, like do you enjoy seeing your literary pieces being transformed to the silver screen, i mean, that's what like.

>> i was involved in the movie room as the screen writer and i got such a kick out of seeing that same story.

Be told in a totally different way through faces and through light and through the so moving performances.

I'm not always trying to keep it the same.

I have to ask what's next for you.

> i'm working hard on the second book in the lottery series because this family is so big and so adventurous and so entertaining, i feel they need several books to have their say.

>> in today's good travel segment, we are going to travel just south of our area where a week from saturday.

There will be a lot of folks for the greatest two minutes in sports.

The kentucky derby.

Joining us from the derby master distiller for woodford reserve distillery, chris morris and a guy i think i would like to be my best friend.

He's a cocktail aficionado.

Welcome to "good day live."

>> thanks for having us.

>> i guess the first question i have, the rich history of the derby for those of us who watch it on tv, what are we missing by not being there.

Tell me about some of this rich history.

>> well, certainly, you're missing the pageantry if you're not here.

Most people don't realize that the derby was inspired by the epson derby which is run in england.

Travelled from kentucky to england and so inspired by that horse race, he said we got to have one back home just like it.

The derby is full of english tradition.

Such as getting dressed up to go to the racetrack.

>> i've always wanted to wear a hat and drink a mint julep while doing so.

>> tell me about the perfect mint julep.

>> the perfect mint julep, obviously a quintessential american cocktail, great to make at home when you're entertaining as well.

Loads of mint, loads of fresh ice.

Wonderful aromas that people associate with spring and the derby.

>> tom has done something special here.

He has added english elements to the derby julep.

>> this is our thousand dollar mint julep.

Something we're very proud of at woodford reserve.

I'm extremely honored to make the drink.

>> we'll try and combine that together within the drink.

Bitters and of course, woodford reserve.

>> i hear there's a thousand dollar mint julep cup.

>> a thousand dollars, that's a lot for a drink.

You get this beautiful cup, gold accents and silver, just a tremendous cup.

It is a collectors cup.

A unique drink, more importantly, the thousand dollars, the proceeds from each of the reserves goes to a charity and this year our charity is actually the kentucky derby museum right here at churchill downs, because we want to preserve the heritage of racing in america and in kentucky.

It is a load of fun, but you also helped donate to a good cause.

>> there you have it.

>> look at that.

>> i have to ask, when you're making the mint julep, do you go heavy on the woodford bourbon.

>> not too heavy, everything is balanced for a reason.

>> 1 1/2 ounces of woodford reserve.

So everything in unison and always in balance.

>> i love it indeed.

>> i don't know which is better, the thousand dollar cup or being served by a handsome gentleman like yourself.

>> you're too kind.

>> if you want to learn more about the derby facts or the great distillery, what should they do?

>> go to woodford reserve.com.

For this special program, woodford reserve mint julep.com.

It will have all of the info including tom's special recipe.

>> yummy in the tummy.

>> how to win tickets to see the sold-out productio >> lotteries plus one.

Plus the book from the kingdom keepers series.

We have for the very young reader, pet-o-rific.

Along with the books tickets to see annie.

The broadway musical.

7:00 p.m.

Is the new time.

If you have tickets already on may 4th.

It was originally at 7:30, but it is now at 7:00.

If you have tickets and want to make a reservation for the pre-show dinner, you must do that next week.

If you want to win, logon to mywabashvalley.com and click on the lifestyle section and the "good day live" page.

Scroll down to the friday freebie logo, you'll win the tickets, the books and of course, those great pepsi mugs that we give away each and every week.

Good luck, we'll announce a winner tomorrow.

>> also tomorrow, a very special guest.

Dylan schneider joins us as he updates his music career and his latest major milestone, he'll perform a song from his new ep.

That's tomorrow on "good day live."

Until then, i hope you have a good day.

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