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Published on August 7, 2017 -
Anchor Saturday

Anchor Saturday

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Good evening...i'm shakala alvaranga.

It's the latest officer involved shooting.

The suspect was shot once.

It happened near warm springs and eastern this morning at around 11.

8 news now reporter mauricio marin is live from the scene with the latest.

((mauricio marin)) >> police are still on scene collecting evidence after an officer shot a suspect once this morning.

Detectives say the naked man appeared to be suicidal.

He was holding a gun as officers approached him in this parking lot.

>> ((scanner traffic sound: "we have a terrible cross fire situation.

We have to shut down warm springs as well" )) ((mauricio marin)) a suicidal man---naked---in a church parking lot.

Metro police were up against a likely unpredictable suspect saturday morning.

((christian cayabyab/witness: "all they told us was get back get back."

)) ((mauricio marin)) witnesses say at least a dozen police cars rushed to the scene as officers worked to get the man to put the gun down.

At one point he obeyed officer's orders.


Jeff clark/ metro police: "however when they were getting ready to take him in to custody the male turned and ran back towards the firearm."

)) ((mauricio marin)) a single officer shot once---striking the suspect.

((john hayes/witness: 'if they got someone running around with a gun.

They got to protect themselves.'

)) ((mauricio marin)) the suspect was taken to sunrise hospital---where he's recovering from his injuries.

Police spent most of the day investigating on scene---and trying to figure out more about the sucidal man.


Jeff clark/ metro police: "i'm not sure exactly how he got there.

I don't see any vehicles in the parking lot but i don't know how he arrived.'

)) ((mauricio marin)) while worried parents rushed to the scene---after hearing about the shooting---to pick up their kids in a college exam prep course inside the church at the time.

((mauricio marin)) >> police deployed a k-9 dog when the suspect ran back towards the gun he placed on the ground.

But say it was ineffective.

Reporting live...mauricio marin.

8 news now./// ((shakala)) >>> metro police have definitly seen their fair share of officer-involved shootings this year.

To give us a little perspective on what's happened so far..

>>> let's turn it over to brittany edney who's live in the newsroom..

((brittany edney)) last year- metro had 10 officer involved shootings which is the lowest number they've had in 20 years.

But today's incident is the 16th one for 2017.

>> before this morning's shooting... the most recent incident was on tuesday.

Metro says two officers approached 25-year-old miguel salas at tropicana and arville when the man pulled out a gun and shot at them.

That's when officer richard nelson was hit and a second officer who was struck in his belt.

Nelson fired back at the suspect--- killing him.

He's now at home recovering with family.

>> last saturday... there was a shooting at blackjack collective..

A local marijuana dispensary.

Three suspects pried their way into the store with crowbars and stole product from the shelves.

As they tried to make their getaway... officer lazar siroyan went after them and at one point... the officer's shotgun fired but no one was hit.

All three of the burglars and the getaway driver were arrested.

The officer is on routine paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

>>> prior to that--- was the case on july 24th... metro released body camera footage of a shootout officers got into after chasing two suspects in a stolen vehicle .

One of them was shot at least a dozen times after he fired at police.

The second suspect was hit by cross- fire... which metro police says it's something they try to avoid at all costs.

((brittany edney)) every time an officer fires their gun-- there's a lenghy review process including a media briefing within 72 hours.

And metro tells me that in every incident this year-- the suspect had some sort of weapon.

Reporting live from the newsroom, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((shakala)) >>> the other big story...the flash flooding that hit the valley.

We have new video to show you.

Flash flooding at the linq hotel.

A taxi floated about 200 feet until it rested on the pole.

It's a familiar sight.... this area is prone to flash flooding... it doesn't take much to turn this lot into a lake..

Always remember the motto... turn around..

Don't drown./// ((shakala)) >> some sad news to pass along..

A body has been recovered from the flamingo wash... this is an update from the breaking news from yesterday about a missing person... at nellis and sahara.

In the flamingo wash... more than 8 feet of water was recorded.

It was high and fast... 30 mph at times... search crews looked for hours... another person was rescued..

But crews couldn't find the other victim..

Until today.

(( "we had literally 2 drops of rain here... i mean very little.

But, i didn't know that the wash goes all the way up and that's what creates a flash flood where no one has any warning and if someone's homeless they don't have a tv... they don't have a phone... they have no way of getting a warning on anything.")) ((shakala)) >> the victim's identity has not been revealed yet.../// ((shakala)) >>> as for today..

A very nice and pleasant start to your saturday..

What about the rest of the weekend..

Keely is here with a first look at your forecast... keely, welcome.

((keely)) (((>>> good saturday evening.

Today's been relatively mild.

We still have a slight chance of thunderstorms in the forecast.

What to expect as we head toward our last week of summer vacation for many students, sunny and dry.

Sunday will be a break from triple digits.

Don't let it fool you though, highs will rebound as we head through the workweek.

.............................. ... radar showing pretty quiet conditions over the las vegas valley.

Activity mainly staying in the higher elevations.

To the east of us.

Portions of arizona seeing thunderstorms and showers pass through today.

The valley northward to the southern great basin still have a slight chance of thunderstorms and tomorrow .............................. ..

Planning your evening, sunny skies, becoming partly cloudy overnightr.

92 around 9pm.

Waking up tomorrow with sunny skies and morning temperatures in the low to mid-80's.

Tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies and slight chance of thunderstorms as the day warms up.

<<<))) ((shakala)) >>> the department of justice is clearing the air about clark county's sanctuary status.

A new report says there is no evidence las vegas is a sanctuary city.

During a speech in las vegas a few weeks ago -- attorney general jeff sessions said he would give metro a quick answer on its current designation as a sanctuary city -- after las vegas came up on the list of non-compliant cities.

That answer came via a letter from the d-o-j.

Timing is critical -- since several large grants are up for renewal next month.

Now that las vegas is off the sanctuary city list..

That funding should no longer be an issue./// ((shakala)) >>> while we wait to learn the fate of a pair of nevada's national monuments... the department of the interior has ruled no changes will be made in arizona.

The grand canyon- parashant national monument had been under review.

-- but u-s secretary of the interior opted to not change it's status.

It's been a protected national monument since 2000.

President trump ordered a review back in april.

Two monuments here in nevada are on that list -- gold butte near mesquite and basin and range about two hours north of las vegas.

Together both monuments make up about a million acres of nevada land./// ((shakala)) >>> parents..

It's the most wonderful time of the year..

Back to school..

For all of the kiddies.

And a great event just wrapped up helping out local children.

The operation homefront back to school brigade turned out to be a great success.

The drive took place at the north las vegas readiness center..

On range road.

Several businesses came together to make this event happen..

Those businesses include dollar tree and honda.

300 thousand backpacks have been given away..

As for the supplies..

They're a huge help to these families.

((right now... the average price for supplies in a backpack is 85 to 125 dollars..

That's not including uniforms or shoes.

Our military families have 1 3 5 kids..

It really is a huge help to them.")) ((shakala)) >> operation homefront ((shakala)) >> operation homefront started in 2002 to support families of deployed service members after 9/11.

The organization has helped more than 14 thousand families.

((shakala)) >>> a celebrity chef takes over the south end of the strip: (( robert irvine: public " the building where people come to meet, you get great, different style food."

)) >> we check in with robert irvine... as he shows us some of the fantastic eats at his new restaurant... and what inspired his love for giving back to the troops./// you're watching the valley's news leader...with john langeler, katie boer & jon tritsch.

News now weekend edition.

((shakala)) >>> robert irvine's public house restaurant has been open a week now at the tropicana.

8 news now good day anchor kirsten joyce popped over after the grand opening to check it all out.

<< you can sleep when you're dead...>> >> ((kirsten joyce)) it's been go go go for british celebrity chef robert irvine with his food network programs... his daytime talk show... and the last year and a half preparing for the grand opening of his new restaurant, "robert irvine's public house' " the building where people come to meet, you get great, different style food."

((kirsten joyce)) a comfortable environment warm earth tones and wood floors add to the restaurant's character.

Grab a table looking out at the strip, check out the open kitchen, or grab a seat at the wrap-around bar.

" public house means fun, it's less expensive than most of the strip, and i believe better quality."

"this lovely photo of you and your dad here..

This was from my first book, and my dad was a painter and decorator, he painted houses... he was an army guy, and he was not very happy when i became a cook, he didn't talk to me for two years..

:12 >> ((kirsten joyce)) but.... when robert joined the navy... things changed for the positive... and food became a very big part of both of their lives.

"i put this in the restaurant just to remind me, of where i come from " ((kirsten joyce)) a military family background... he spends half the year traveling to support the troops with his foundation - with all his journeys, his focus on food, which offers classic dishes with a twist, like his take on fresh battered cod..

It's a collaboration of my wife's loves, some fitness stuff, some not so fit stuff, it works..

We all love cheese, how many times did it take you to get it right?

That's about 17 reiterations to get it to this point... i am ecstatic about that ((kirsten joyce)) the menu boasts a unique shepherds pie... "we have a shepherds pie wth lamb, yesterday we did a vegetarian addition, next week with lobster, we're generally going to change it every week so there is something new."

((kirsten joyce)) you can't leave without a bite of dessert... i was surprised with a special serenade.... << happy birthday..>> ((kirsten joyce)) and this fabulous english treat.

Our banoffee pie, oh thank you, seal of approval... oh goodness, signature dessert.... will espresso ice cream..

Banana ..


Digestive crust..

That's fantastic... thin as air... with all those flavors..

((shakala)) >>> space..

The final frontier..

And this weekend..

Las vegas turns into star trek headquarters.

And wait until you hear the big names who are taking part this year.

A look at the star trek convention..

Next on 8 news now..

The valley's news leader./// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition."

Las vegas convention center.

The mother of all sci-fi conventions has taken over the valley.

The star trek convention.

And this year's edition is quite the sight.

A record number of celebrities are taking part... the big names set to appear..

Captain kirk himself..

William shatner.

And another one..

Captain jean-luc... patrick stewart is here in las vegas.

Plenty of people wore there star trek costumes..

For cos-play... 15 thousand people are expected to attend the entire convention..

Which wraps up tomorrow.

((keely)) (((>>> skycam showing mostly sunny and partly sunny skies this evening.

Highs today mild for this time of the year, but the heat will return.

........................... current temperatures across the valley, the lakes.

Moutnains edge.


The strip.



.......................... regional temperatures right now.

Red rock.


Boulder city.


........................ almanac today.

High not reaching normal.

Today 96.

Record high 104.

Overnight low 74.

That's my idea of a comfortable morning.

Tomorrow will feel similar.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nationally the west coast has been experiencing record heat, as well as hazy skies from fires.

They're reaching triple digits and a lot of people are not used to that, and many do not have air conditioning.

Portions of the plains states are under thunderstorm watches and warnings, as well as possible flooding.

A front over northern new england, extending into the southern mid-atlantic will move off the northeast coast tomorrow morning.

The system will produce showers and thunderstorms over parts of the northeast throughout the day tomorrow.

Showers and thunderstorms will linger over the southern mid-atlantic through monday morni ng.

.............................. west coast you can see this area of gray... this is an air quality warning.

Red, your seeing fire weather warning.

Trough on west coast does push toward our forecast area sunday night and monday so there are still chances for thunderstorms and showers mainly at higher elevations.

By tuesday, better ridging and much drier air arrive....this warm pattern should continue for the rest of the week.

.............................. green outline in portions of nevada and california are flash flood watches as storms push across northern and central nevada.

Higher elevations could see some thunderstorm activity through the next couple days as trough rolls in.

............................ here's radar from today.

We had some early morning wet weather, which allowed us a cooler comfortable morning.

Beginning to dry up, but still some instability remains for the remainder of our weekend.

.......................... recreational forecast mt charlston.

Tomorrow 76 as a high.

Low 58.

Chance or thunderstorms and should be mostly sunny toward the afternoon.

......................... tonight low of 82 partly cloudy.

Still a slight chance of thunderstorms .

.......................... tomorrow going to feel much like today.

High of 98 and mostly sunny.

Due to trough moving through and instability, still a slight chance of thunderstorms for the valley.

......................... 7day forecast partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies for the nexgt couple of days.

Highs will be unseasonably cooler tomorrow with a slight chance of thunderstorms. by monday fewer clouds and beginning to warm back up.

Ridging sets up over us by mid week and highs go back above normal for the remainder of the week.

<<<))) >>>ron is in with sports toninight --- lots of football ya --- college football just 3 weeks away ---we'll check in with the rebels and talk about their quarterback position rebel football camp is underway this week -- they will put on pads for the first time tomorrow --- getting set for their season opener september 2nd... the situation at quaretback seems set with freshman armani rogers wearing number one at the number one spot --- but both of the backups started games last year.

--- and they are both seniors this year.

Johnny stanton camer here from nebraska --- he started the first four games of the season before going down with an injury --- the rebels seem to be deep at the quarterback position and the backups say they will be prepared and answer the call if needed.

((stanton - im not changing my role not in the way that i prepare for my role .im still going to prepare just as hard, work just as hard at practice.

Im not taking the fall camp any differently than i did last year.

Im still competing, i don;t think any starting job anywhere on the team is closed.

Kurt im just gonna take advantage of every opportunity i get, whether that;s early or late in the season or in camp, just taking every advantage i have and you never know when your numbers gonna be called.

And ill be ready.

)) one week from tonight the raiders play their first pre season game down in arizona against the cardinals --- today at camp --- qb derek carr sort of shook things up by saying he might look at more chances to run with the footblal this season --- he's never been a running quarterback --- in his 3 seasons in the nfl he's run for only 300 yards --- zero touchdowns ---- marshawn lynch running the football.

But carr says he may scramble more this year to try to buy him more time in the backfield to make plays and he said if his receivers are covered then -- quote --- 'i can make something happen with my feet' end quote --- probably not something coach jack del rio wants to hear.

Carr has quickly become one of the best pocket passers in the league.

The 51's in action tonight at cashman field --- they take on oklahoma city -- -the dodgers triple a team --- so, we can call it the mets against the dodgers --- sort of -- tonight at cashman mets and dodgers big leaguers today in new york --- home run derby in this one -- for both teams ..

9 home runs in the game mets hit three home runs in the first conforto --- flores and granderson each hit solo home runs off hill in the first.

Tied at 3 in the 7th --- puig line drive to left --- a big line drive to left.

Thats just a bullet to left field and the dodgers take a 4-3 lead over teh mets --- cory seager hit cody bellenger --- everybody hitting em again today --- justin turner hit one --- dodgers hit 7 homers.

Dodgers win 7-4 --- in their last 50 games the dodgers have gone 43-7 --- best 50 game stretch in the big league since the giants did it in 1912.

--- that's pretty good --- they are on pace to win 115 games this year --- one under the regular season record summerlin south little league is at the western regionals tonight in san bernardino --- they play tomorrow night 7:30 against the champs from southern california --- the las vegas team won the state championship 2 weeks ago tonight when they beat reno --- i've seen this team play a lot of games they can crush the ball --- very good defensively and they go 6 or 7 deep with pitchers --- so --- we'll see what they can do tomorrow evening --- the game will be televised on espn --- which is on the internet --- go to our web site -- 8newsnow.com and check under ' links we mentioned' and the link is there to watch the game the fastest man in the world --- usain bolt says he's retiring aftern these world games in london --- so this would be his final race --- the 100 meter finals --- bolt always starts slow --- christian colman looks like he might have him -- but -- -at the bottom of your screen is justin gatlin --- 34 years old -- -so there's no way he can win this --- nats.

Well --- i guess he did --- a photo finish -- -but arent they all???

Justin gatlin wins the gold --- christian coleman the silver, both from the usa and the jamacian --- usain bolt who lit up the oluympics in brazil takes home the silver.

>>> that's it for us.

We'll see you again for 8 news now at 11.///

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