London gets EV charging points embedded in the kerb

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Published on January 31, 2019 - Duration: 01:52s

London gets EV charging points embedded in the kerb

A new breed of electric car charging point has appeared in London, embedded in the kerb and connecting EVs to the Internet of Things.

Stuart McDill reports.


London gets EV charging points embedded in the kerb

The electric car charger just got embedded in London's streets.

Called the Armadillo - this does more than recharge your battery - linking the electric vehicle and the smart city of the future PAUL AYRES, COO OF CONNECTED KERB, SAYING: "We believe that energy is a fundamental part and parcel of electric vehicles.

However data is the new fuel.

It's data that's going to drive the emerging business models things like shared ownership schemes car clubs final mile rental autonomous vehicles pass by charging and a whole raft of other new models that are things that exist in people's minds today but will exist on the road in five years time and our infrastructure supports that use case." In future a high speed internet connection would power traffic and environmental sensors - and allow the grid to draw on energy stored in vehicles when needed STEPHEN MARLAND, INNOVATION DIRECTOR AT NATIONAL GRID SAYING: "The car will talk directly to the street, directly to the charging information and to some extent take away the necessity in the future of consumers having to go onto an app, go onto a network, download whatever they need to download and tell the car to charge up a certain amount.

We envisage a world where in the future that happens automatically between the car and the network." This trial site in south London has chargers on poles and embedded in the street - all made from recycled materials The kind of infrastructure London needs on every street - according to the company PAUL AYRES, COO OF CONNECTED KERB, SAYING: "The Government's already mandated that by 2040 we're only going to be able to buy electric vehicles in the UK.

So within the next 21 years we've got a transition from where we are today with 160,000 registered cars that are EV or PHEV, through to 30 million cars in 21 years.

That doesn't give us much time.

So we're dealing with a EV revolution not evolution." Connected Kerb says it is talking to other London Boroughs and hopes to roll out the technology across the city.

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