Olbiston Apartments

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Published on May 16, 2019 -
Olbiston Apartments

Olbiston Apartments

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Good evening, i'm gary liberatore.

It's had its problems over the years...but maybe none as bad as this.

Tonight...utica's mayor says something has to be done about the condition of the ohl-bi- stin apartments.

News channel two's caitlin irla has more on where things stand...caitlin good evening.

Gary, this seven-story apartment building has been in utica for more than 100 years.... and mayor palmieri says it has been over 2 years since the city has been trying to get the buildings owners to fix several code violations... and things are just getting worse.

"this has been a situation that we've been on top of, it's very frustrating at this point, it has got to this point where they quit franley the landlord has neglectefd all the orders that have to transpire to make sure the building is safe and clean."

Fruserating is putting this situation lightly.

Mayor palmieri says they have been dealing with the issues at olbiston apartments for far too long.

The city has been trying to compel the owners of the building to fix many code violations since an inspection was done in 2017.

"we're looking for that roof and the rest of the building to be complied with."

After the oweners have not complied with the codes department or the fire department, the city took this matter to the supreme court last august.

"the surpreme court has given them until november to fix the problem, thats too long, and i think we may do another show-cause order to have it done immediately."

Because of the condition of the roof, city officals notified national grid to cut power to parts of the building.

"national grid was in there because the roof was leaking i believe on several of the floors which caused a circuit breaker to pop.

The area that has been cut is where there is no residents at this point."

But just how many people are living there?

"maybe about 70, 60-70 people.

I don't think the owners have really a great handle on whose in that building."

Mayor palmerie says at this point, the number one priority is the resdients that do live in the olbiston apartments.

"we will do everything in our power to accomidate, work with the american red cross, work with the county to make sure that they have a clean, safe enviroment to live in."

The building is owned by a brooklyn based llc...we have reached out to the office at the apartment building... but we have not yet heard back.

Mayor palmieri says he will be going to the apartments tomorrow to take a look around and speak with residents about their concerns.


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