Fazoli's Celebrates Hug an Anchor Day

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Published on October 3, 2019 -
Fazoli's Celebrates Hug an Anchor Day

Fazoli's Celebrates Hug an Anchor Day


Upper 70s near dallas.

Low 80s in orlando.

Scattered storms will be back for our wednesday especially in the afternoon and evening.

>> ange: i've been waiting for this all day.

Fazoli's is undergoing a major shift in the menu and food offerings.they are sending out the love today.

The local television anchors with food and the wonderful story.

Here to share the story is bill clark along with keith and tony tomato.

Welcome to local lifestyles.

>> we are excited about the changes at fazoli's.

We are bringing an all-natural menu.

Coming soon we will use all-natural ingredients.

Real butter, flour, everything will be natural.

That's a big change.

We are committed to giving the best food and best tasting food to our guests.

>> ange: bill, tell me about the company's vision about this.

That's really a big change.

That's a big shift.

>> we've been working on this for a while.

We want to be all-natural.

We want to do the best food we can for our guests.

We are 80 percent there.

We plan on being 100 percent in the future.

>> ange: and no artificial sweeteners, no artificial anything.

>> if you can't pronounce it, it won't be on the menu.

>> ange: let's talk about keys, what you have brought here today.believe you me, this is the tip of the iceberg.

I think we have a picture of our break room back there.

We go crazy for a little food, but for a lot of food we go ape.

We are so grateful.

What do we have here today?

>> we brought an anti-pasta platter.

Ham, salami, peppers and olives.

We also brought an italian trio salad.we have a three cheese tortellini with roasted tomatoes and chicken.

A chicken carbonara with bacon and chicken.

A meatball sub.


A nice piece of orange cream cheese cake.

>> ange: say no more.

>> we also have spaghetti marinara.

For $6.99, you can get all-you-can-eat hosta.

You can choose between four pastas, four savory sauces and breadsticks while you dine in.

>> ange: that's a lot of food.

I do feel about this change because it's a huge change?

>> i think it's great.

Everybody is changing their lifestyles and wants to eat cleaner.

Everything's going great so we've got to change.

>> ange: since its hug and anchor day.

We've got several anchors who are drooling.

Do you have more forks over there because i'm not giving mine up.

We will all just squeeze in.

I'm not giving up my fork.

Tony's coming in here.

Here's a fork for you my friend.

I guess we will have to do a group hug.

Group hug.

Enough of that, let's eat!

This is carbonara.

>> this is chicken carbonara.

We are giving out free hugs and breadsticks.

>> thank you so much, i had my share in the break room.

>> we appreciate everything you guys do for the community.

Thank you so much.

>> one of the things we are doing today, we partnered with feed the children.

Since 2013, we've donated about $20,000 to children in need.

Since you hugged us, we will donate $100 in your name.

>> ange: thank you so much, that is wonderful.

That's a wonderful organization trying to stop out hunger in the united states.

We fortunately will not go hungry.

You've eaten in the other room?

Then back up.

Can we go on your website and find out all of these changes and when they will come?

>> absolutely.

We do a lot of catering business and a full staff of people to answer the phone.


They will help you out with the catering.

>> ange: check out all of the changes coming to fazoli's and let's just dive in.

Joe, what are you trying here?


Thank you tony.

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