Travel ban reaction

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on October 6, 2019 -

Travel ban reaction

Members of the Huntsville Islamic community are reacting to the supreme courts decision to uphold President Donald Trump travel ban .


Travel ban reaction

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Members of the huntsville islamic community -- spoke to us today -- following the supreme court's decision to uphold president donald trump's travel ban.

Waay 31's steven dilsizian is live at the huntsville islamic center -- where members talked to him about the ruling... dan...demetria... it was a 5 to 4 vote today by the supreme court where judges ruled the president has the power to regulate immigration.

After speaking with members of the islamic community today....they were disappointed to say the least.

Take sot: deborah abu-alrub - board member of huntsville islamic center "living in a country where we are known to be inclusive and all are welcome however this particular ruling does not reflect that" it's called a travel ban.

But members of the huntsville islamic community call it something else.

Take sot: deborah abu-alrub - board member huntsville islamic center :its not considered a travel ban its considered a muslim ban" after tuesday's ruling in washington...the supreme court upheld president trumps travel ban that will restrict travel from seven different countries.

5 of which are majority muslim.

Take sot: ragab abdelmoneram - huntsville islamic center religious leader "we as a muslim community stand against it too... and this is not the america that the people...our elders... told us... that this country was a very welcoming country for all people" in a news release, alabama republican chairman terry lathan told waay31 she is in favor of the travel ban and the supreme courts ruling.

Take graphic: lathan says that the decision is quote "not a policy of discrimination.

It is a policy on the security of our nation."

She ends her statement by saying quote "we applaud the supreme courts decision on this matter".

The travel ban restricts travel from seven different countries that include: iran, syria, libya, yemen and somalia, venezuela and north korea.

Reporting live in huntsville...steven dilsizian...waay31

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