Election Day: Tracking Results from Local, Statewide Races

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Published on October 6, 2019 -

Election Day: Tracking Results from Local, Statewide Races

We're tracking several races, including the County Judge in Cameron County, the 13th Court of Appeals, the 93rd District Court and Proposition A for drainage improvement in Hidalgo County.


Election Day: Tracking Results from Local, Statewide Races

Have created and achieved is at stake on election day >> the future of the country is on the ballot >> the votes are in.

A historic mid term election now in the books.

Early voting records were broken this year, surpassing the total number of people who voted in the 2014 general election >> we have crews across the valley tracking the results of our local races, plus we have statewide numbers.

Channel 5 news at 10 starts right now >> from the valley's news channel, this is channel 5 news at 10.

>> good evening.

Thank you for joining us.

We start our election coverage tonight with a quick look at tonight's biggest race in texas, that is the u.s. senate race.

Right now, this is what the numbers show.

Ted cruz projected winner tonight.

The incumbent with 51 % of the vote, taken really a charging challenge from beto o'rourke.

Right now, he pulls in 48 % of the vote >> we'll have much more on that in just a minute.

First, to the race for the 13th court of appeals place for on the ballot, indicted former district judge rudy delgado and republican >> and delgado grabbed an early lead.

Let's get to valerie to see if it held >> we've been watching the numbers all night climb from one side right over to the other side in this race for justice.

A 13th court of appeals place four.

Now let's take a look at the numbers for delgado and his opponent.

According to the latest figures for early voting, delgado is no longer trailed.

According to the secretary of state, the latest is almost an even split.

There's a slight majority with delgado at 49.78 % of early voting numbers.

Delgado continues to face federal brash charges but is out on bond.

However, there's another factor that may have affected the outcome of this race >> certainly straight-ticket voting on both sides has had an effect on this race and in particular the number of democrats doing voting in hildago county is probably the one biggest factor in this race >> in hildago, 70 % of straight ticket voters went to the democrats and this is a twenty county race.

It won't necessarily come down to hildago if he determines the outcome of this race.

These numbers are stale preliminary and given the close nature of this, it could come down to what happened today at the polls.

If delgado wins, the secretary of state's communication explained earlier today that delgado could take the office legally.

We'll have more as it becomes available.

>> now we're checking in with another closely watched race in the 13th court of appeals.

This one is place 2, incumbent laguardia against greg pert.

Right now, laguardia has 53 % and perks with 47 % >> the race for the 93rd district court in hildago a contest between republican candidate and long-term democratic figure in hildago county politics, garcia.

We're following the race from edinburg >> this is rarace for rudy delgado's former seat after stepping down after being accused of federal charges.

He stepped out of office and then governor greg abbot appointed a temporary replacement for the 93rd district court.

We've got the two candidates as they were mentioned, the republican candidate right now with 1191 absentee votes, 32505 early votes, and now 4602 election day votes.

The democrat with 4259 absentee votes, 71889 early votes, and 10097 election day votes.

The totals giving jennifer morales 31 % approximately, and fernando 69 %.

We're still waiting to make sure those numbers are full and complete.

We're waiting to see if those are the entire votes here for this race.

>> let's check out now hildago county's proposition a, the big drainage project, a proposed drainage project, with the county asking voters to decide on the $190 million project.

Let's go to the board right now.

It looks like it is passing tonight.

Right now currently with 67 % of the vote for those voting against it at 33 % >> edinburg voters also deciding on a drainage bond today.

If approved, it will allow for the construction of four detention ponds throughout the city.

Supporters say the ponds will take in excess water during major storms and protect neighborhoods from flooding.

The ponds will be built off do little and sugar roads as well as south veterans boulevard.

You can see there, a very tight race.

Right now, looks like proposition b in edinburg also likely to pass.

100 % of the precincts reporting looks like that is a done deal?

Now we go to the race for hildago county judge.

Cross, the name on the ballot, hoping to become the first female judge running against the former mayor of mcallen.

We're tracking the race from edinburg.

>> we're slowly moving out of edinburg into mcallen.

We're going to try to meet mr. richard cortez.

He's still in the lead right now from his candidate rival, republican jane cross.

She has more than 35 thousand votes, but richard cortez has more than 89 thousand votes unofficially at this time right now.

He has more than 70 % of majority of the votes right now.

So this is the unofficial numbers we have for the judge.

As you know, this is a four-year term and if cross could win, she would be the first woman to the on the seat.

And if cortez wins, he just adds to his career here in the city in the valley.

As you know, he was the mayor as well as the city commissioner in mcallen for quite sometime.

So he has a good rap sheet here, but we'll definitely keep on track with those numbers, and we'll continue to try to head toward his headquarters to see if we can talk to him about his victory so far.

We'll have more information on that as later on continues.

Reporting live in edinburg.

>> now, in cameron county, he vacated the job to be secretary of state back in 2015.

This just after he had won reelection there.

Tonight, cost co wanted his old position back >> he challenged incumbent trav ino, who won after his departure.

We're live outside the cameron county courthouse with the election results >> it's looking like the judge's seat for cameron county could stay in the hands of democrat eddie.

When we look at the early numbers so far, 78 % of the precincts are reporting travino has over 40 thousand votes, winning at the moment with 59 %.

That's 12 thousand more votes than his opponent, republican carlos gaskos who sits so far with close to 28 thousand votes at 40 %.

What you just heard are the early numbers.

We're standing by for the official tally.


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