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Published on October 18, 2019 -


Chef Rick Petralia, Fazoli's director of culinary innovation stops in to show off some of the delicious dishes they have available and any of their locations!



National pasta day... and who c1 3 celebate with than the people who really know pasta.... fazolis.

We've got chef rick petralia, the director of culinary innovation for fazolis with us today.


What new dishes does fazoli's c1 3 is c1 3 absolutely we we develop all menu items our test kitchen.

Lexington: don't know that is always in base rate your life and you will for 30 years and your office rent global driver must review all renovation test kitchen and focus group rooms and everything either.

I did not know that so do a lot of gus are surprised to learn that you 260 locations all over the country brush coast-to-coast the surprise of another were based here into the is always the is a well known restaurant in the separate to be lexington 08 you kind of impressed how we get a job as a test there in that i is amazing a lot of new additions that you're rolling out absolutely so is mashup off today so today was new items that we have recently leased right here.

This is our smoky they can do to bakery here is lord is for teddy pasta out of the smoky due to sauce and mozzarella cheese and apsley loaded with bacon and looks to having a different kind of pot ... don't porcelli it's on the means little italian ceiling or man you are your own leadership as it is interesting to you and have to caught my eye immediately with shrimp shabbona village you you do we him the we have our regular we have our ou smoky black and shrimp and chicken pasta basil blackened chicken blackened shrimp that were chili pasta and gouda cheese sauce along with viral to llama made this is all-male all- male almonds all-male lives pas a couple weeks breadsticks because hello not that we don't go for the product by we love these measurements is next week will is restricted to those routes we have come interesting breadsticks items here.

I will start off with our smoky bacon breadsticks, so we've taken breadsticks and maestro cheese and bacon on them in the were serving that delicious gouda cheese sauce so is in perfect wisdom you is that perfect you don't think you can get any mor perfect or and then you cover inches taken on i think we made even more perfect her with his desserts.

This is an profitable source moore's reps to whitesell to deserving of breadsticks wer taken breadsticks and chop them up we tossed the brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs we bake it and we topple these toasted marshmallows and melting milk chocolate is the perfect recipes up with an a meal and hello fall at the perfect way learning got the campfire and d that work.

So items of our smoky to our bacon with both red peppers and blackened chicken and roasted broccoli m albert m you with your puppy about pay the bill earlier to be sent to 499, so i will you going to put a little will you will in time that you allow people when it's fazoli's night sit down you know that.

Besides, it's easy to think that i need to walk like gourmet dishes you will both drive through were fast were inexpensive we real play where we do breadsticks service the dining room off refreshing parmesan cheese when you dine i, so the best of both worlds and and there's no fidelity village to hello that i about the day you that's available and there' a special deal going on right now yes if you already have our you should be offered to check if there's should be offered financial possibly in the for you if you don't have the outgoing dominant from you apple app store yes google version that is in the in the monopoly future offers in the one from the domestic the next week will.

You right from the innovator and tell will what's on the menu at the head you are you you're always looking handsets need to absolutely you we test a lot of items in certain parts the countries were testing some new mac & cheese is

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