PET OF THE WEEK 10-18-19

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Published on October 19, 2019 -
PET OF THE WEEK 10-18-19

PET OF THE WEEK 10-18-19

Kay blevins >> jordan, what about well down the warning.

It is for art had of the week and as we just introduced you to scott here with heather hixson from humane educational society good morning.

How are you more of them were good study the rent help a little bit about so scott is 12 years old.

As you can see he is very laid-back but he does have what energies of you like to go for walks or hike.

He is up to go with you can definitely lapdog doesn't mind being held.

I'm just a really sweet way to make a really great and he was with the same family for a long time so he was recently dropped off is not right to us that he' ever ready to be back in the home him.

He gets along with other dogs okay with some cats and i depend on your cat.

I'm obviously you let me dress them up in a car yesterday agreed to area.

He absolutely now speaking of costumes you guys have a big event coming up this weekend.

Yes, tomorrow is part of the park.

So this was the reason scotty's rest that because it's our halloween event of the restrictions are said to rough landing.

We have a dog and human costume contest which is so cute so cute.

What are some of the cost that we see it used.

There have been some great basilica under the fever in the adult ar shards had two dogs one was the crowd.

One was an octave of of you should really keep up with the campus being worth the and the dog the cowardly lion.

I love how creative people are.

It's really fun to feel the cos absolutely so this is going on to my resume.

You are rough landing.

Ross is landing what are the times for folks i'm registration starts at 10 that the dog won't start 11 and everything is a big fundraiser for you guys every year.

Yes is one of our biggest fundraisers and were my favorite can so much fun or semi-thanks for the dogs to do and it helped my a lot of howling stuff for you to do wit your family and your dog.

I'm sorry.

Also you can trick-or- treat with your dog on unitary treat with dog to be a little odd treat your dog treats and then the human treats for kids in adult will have a dog cake eating contest as well and then at the end of the day we do wit the tennis ball toss that you can buy as many tennis balls as you want for a dollar each.

I walked rome on the count of three in a previous hes alumni award retrieve the ball so you write your name on the balls an if one of your bosses treat you with a really great idea a lot of fun tomorrow and this is only whether get out with your animals and enjoy the day we really want somebody to adopt scotty today.

Please go by the humane educational society and adopt scotty again.

He's 12.

He was with the family for really long time but he really needs to be adopted and go home with someone.

Taylor, on this morning.

Thanks for having a stomach out, part just taking pictures and

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