Get Fit Friday 10/18/19 - Fitness Plan

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Published on October 19, 2019 -

Get Fit Friday 10/18/19 - Fitness Plan

Beth and Whitney of the Fitness Factor in Columbus give us an idea on how even the smallest amount of exercise can be a benefit for our health.


Get Fit Friday 10/18/19 - Fitness Plan

Beth jeffers and we are at the fitness factor and it's finally, well it's about to be fall feeling like anyway, we hope, we're told from the wcbi weather team.

Beth jeffers: that's right.

Whitney brown: but fall can also bring some changes, especially with the kids going back to school.

We've now established our routine, we're ready to think about the end of the year, and so maybe it's time to fall back into fitness.

Beth jeffers: right, and i think a lot of people choose fitness because they wanted weight loss and they want to definitely just change their body.

But there's so many other benefits to working out than just looking better.

And there's so many health benefits.

Whitney brown: absolutely.

So blood pressure can be lowered, your cholesterol can get into check, you're going to feel better.

You're going to sleep better, stress levels go down.

So there's so much more than just body fat loss, just weight loss, which is the number one thing people think of when they think i need to get on an exercise program.

Beth jeffers: right, and there's been so many studies, researches, proving that we're not just saying this.

Research has shown that once you start adding some cardiovascular activity to your life, people will have lots, their blood pressure lowers, their cholesterol lowers, and of course your diet is a definite factor in all of this too.

But our point is, s that it's not just all about looking better.

And also a lot of people are intimidated to go to a gym because they might feel like they, everybody's fit in here.

Whitney brown: and that's just not the case.

There's lots of different people with lots of different goals.

Sure weight loss might be one of yours.

A doctor has told you that it's okay to exercise.

You're a little intimidated by a gym.

Take a tour, check it out online, see if it's a good fit r you, but remember, it's not all about just weight loss and not everybody's goal in any gym is just purely weight loss.

Beth jeffers: right, so look at your health goals.

Think about your health.

There's been research proving that it only takes two days a week to help improve your health, of doing some kind of cardiovascular exercise and some strength work.

That's just basically two hours a week.

So start there, get with a fitness professional and let them help you put a program together.

And whitney, tell them what our mission here at the fitness factor is.

Whitney brown: we've been really focusing on our mission and our purpose for our clients and our members here lately.

And it's to move better, feel better and live better.

If you can move better, you're going to feel better, and if you feel better, you're certainly going to look better.

So think about that when you're programming your own fitness goals, your own health goals, try to get to the gym sometime this fall and the good news is if you start now, you won't have to worry about anything for the new year.

Beth jeffers: right.

We'll see you next week on get fit friday.

Announcer: for more get fit fridays with the fitness factor, go the go to wcbi.com

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