Mama's Song

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Published on October 21, 2019 -

Mama's Song

A novel inspired by life in eastern Kentucky, and overcoming hardships .

Author P.

Shaun Neal has the details on his latest work!


Mama's Song

Morning from humane society ... c1 3 welcome right here trying to catch up to you the breath of i will go to the next are talking about author here.

He said it took him 20 coming here this is sean the on hero mama song in this is we will do this book will talk about it minute the first 127 years later take them that long the will to the question of the was an english major at you.

Kayla studied undergirding norman and it went ahead on the probably the two that most of us the most famous kentucky authors and absorb graduate actually one of more than 87: dantzler for fiction the graduated are considered graduate school but i do stop.

Get also make a will is "preconstruction company and go married to my lovely wife lisa and the but the need to write just didn't go away so in about 1999 one i started this novel but working construction you were 12, 14 hours a day too tired to come home and while i was i you do it with the again i'd work on for a while set it down for your to work on it for a month set down for year two and so finally i in on her stern grandpa the old i finish this so in 2017 with my wife's blessing of god i quit my job and alsoóto finish his book and see what happens and i finished it and we've had great response from the publisher found the couple of great guys to help me steve flaherty and david miller the local authors and of with with had great success with the widow of book signing yesterday joseph beth and great now so i'm really excited about the local at acton to provoke you had an attempt pick it up you want to the it said in 1949 in the of fictional cox county, kentucky, which is essentially brown county eastern kentucky at the foothills of the nation's and it's about will bring grace and he's a 13 yo kid in the novel opens with his father passing away his father's is legendary were course of man and the colby has to essentially bring this on the tobacco crop in to keep to keep his family farm going and it's a daunting task.

Nobody, including colby thinks he can d it with the community, and rallies behind the and mama his mom mama song she sort of sings under the whole time she's had a very traumatic past so is the book goes on in the crop betrays you learn the source of mama song some of the traumatic things that happened in the pas and then it's so it gets darker at the end but it's ultimately story of hope and redemption and and when people pick us up and read it.

There is some good news at the end of the book because working on a sequel right is right i of i actually had a couple other ideas for novel is after i finish this one of and everybody that i'm couple hundred people have look better bread said i got to know what happens next is okay yeah so it will tell you what you will tel you the seek was set nine years later and of so i've been researching 1958 kentucky i love to see real quick at the pick one not happen again joseph f booksellers all you get them online at amazon.

The kindle version i'm long amazon target online or of barnes & noble online, congratulations on thank you so much a bunch of vacant right now really appreciate you candidate as the actually i ... and you love disney movies.

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