UK Markey Cancer Center

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UK Markey Cancer Center

We are talking breast cancer awareness all month.

Doctor Emily Marcinkoswki joins us talk about treatments being developed in join-efforts with other hospitals in the region.


UK Markey Cancer Center

C1 3 things are staying with us for we are talking breast cancer awareness all month long a person healthy with uk market is surgical oncologist with the cancer center there collaborative efforts with uk market cancer center affiliate network georgetown cancer center and clerk regional medical center are able to offer patient newest treatment options and emerging technologies so important when somebody is facing such amount, and that they are given a diagnosis than you so much for being here with you have any let's that you doing what you do to begin with oncologist yes so i just on the surgical oncologist, so i'm not board certified general surgeon would certified him in complex surgical oncology, so mainly taking care of breast cancers.

You know a lot about that that goes without saying diagnosed with breast cancer there a can probably feel like the entire world is caving in on you and there's options.

You don't know are out there researching options and what happens to them correct a lot of times it does involve surgery yes most almost all breast cancer treate with some form of surgery.

So what are the different options when it comes to surgical procedures to two major options with with breast cancer.

You can either keep your breast is called breast conservation therapy we perform a lumpectomy just removing the area of cancer and that's then followed by radiation.

The other option is with that mastectomies the mastectomy means to remove the entire the breast so why would we do one or the other and what is the best option in certain situations.

The beauty of breast cancer.

There's not really of best option.

There's a best option for the patient on almost most patients are are a candidate for one or the other.

Sometimes the tumors is large and the patient can't really have breast conservation there because it was it would distort their breast literally does not there's not a the best option, if it's really more for what th patient sure so i had that collaboration with you and the doctor and your patient what th best option is in that situation a lot with affect any people are just sometimes getting them done with their i genetic result is often people think you know i have breast cancer.

Let's just get rid of them completely absolutely amended from coming back absolutely and that's it's sort of a misconception so about 5 t 10% of breast cancers are actually hereditary and the remainder are just random on that so reasons to do you know both cited remove both breasts or when they have a genetic mutations in the brca1 or two genes breast cancer gene on other reasons some patients to for symmetry sake, so they want to look symmetrical and some patients do it because they never ever ever want to ever think about ever having another mammogram deal with that again right but the actual risk to th contralateral meeting opposite breast is on the order .2 to .4% per year since very low.

Wow, so it is a lot taller than me think it is a lot smaller than me played some porn to talk to you that actually knows these numbers right and you also have an affiliation of other here in the area that are helping you is okay.

Talk about absolutely to the marquis on affiliate network is is a wide network of two of the places that we work with her with georgetown and with simon winchester, so it's great for patients that they ca calm and have the expertise tha nci designated cancer center offers on but with her chemotherapy close to home work with the doctors that they're comfortable with and that there are you still sure and what benefits other than just the feeling at home.

Is it like that diagnosing you and helping you get better have to be such a better great experience for the patient to know that so many experts are on their side exactly for every patient that we see at markey we have a tumo board right and and that's where all the experts in the room.

Ar there you have a radiation oncologist medical oncologist path colleges on diagnostic radiology all the way down to one of our nurses who helps run the clinical trials are having all those experts in the room talking about one patient one time is powerful and i think that you patient succumb to see if they have that benefit males have access to clinical trials that they might not have time benefit earth might not have access to at all sure that the benefits are pregnant and less when it comes to that one piece of advice for all the women out there sitting here watching the is in with you breast cancer awareness month what you cannot let what is your biggest piece the bank to help prevent to deal with anything.

Know your breasts so you will know your breasts more than i will ever know your breasts and that is s important to note get your mammograms, mammograms be started at age 40 and then to know your breast do your month leave breast exams and know your body.

Could you know it better than we will license it if we don't go to the doctor we can figure out online how to do these exams is actually going to the doctor and have them show you and tell you what to look out for think yes there's there's really no trial that proves that but i would say that's from my experience yes don't be squeamish to is a much for being here with you do is so so and or if a hold of you and we wanted to schedule women or need any additional help, so there's a market cancer center line, we also have a direct lin to the breast center and so were happy to happy to see anyone happy to help ... 11 mammogram schedule is mammograms think you so much fo your

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