Southern Miss dominates UAB in revenge win

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Published on November 13, 2019 -

Southern Miss dominates UAB in revenge win

Prior to Saturday, the last time the Southern Miss football program had beaten UAB was 2013.

Well before Jay Hopson’s return to Hattiesburg in 2016 and certainly before USM’s overtime heartbreaker in 2018.


Southern Miss dominates UAB in revenge win

League... wit- 1,027 yards.- - prior to saturday... the last - time the southern miss- football program had beaten - u-a-b... was 20-13.

- well before jay hopson's return- to hattiesburg, in 20-16... and- certainly before u-s-m's- overtime heart-breaker... in- 20-18.- the golden eagles made good on- their quest to avenge - last year's 26-23 loss... endin- a three-game losing streak to - the blazers, in dominating- fashion... by way of a 37-2 bea- down.

- excluding a second quarter- safety... u-s-m pitched its - first - defensive shutout, in more than- two years... allowing less- than 200 yards of total - offense... and holding u-a-b to- just 2-14... on - third down conversions.

- a performance motivated by not- only this year's chase, at a- conference title... but also- last year's cold november loss,- in birmingham... that cost the- black and gold the west - division.

- here's coach hopson on his- forgive... but never forget...- approach.

- - "this was a tough one to swallo a year ago.

- i mean you think about it, we'r- possibly conference champs if w- don't lose in - overtime.

That's one play.

And- that's the stuff as a football- - - - player and as a football coach,- you've got to sleep on for your- whole life.

Not just for the- year, you - just don't get over it.

When- you're 67 and i'm lying in bed,- i still think about one play.

- and it never goes away.

It- doesn't.

I remember out here in- 2002 - patrick, i don't - know if you were around - we- played louisville and lost in - - - - double overtime.


I still - think about it.

I remember i ha- to get up the next morning and- drive to- shreveport, and i wanted to - drive off the mississippi river- bridge into the deal.

- so i mean you don't forget abou- it as a football coach.

It- - - - doesn't go away.

It still sting- you 30 years later.

So i think- one thing that was probably goo- for the - players and coaches, you get a- chance to at least get back on- the field and play."

With the win... southern miss i- now bowl game

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