The Locker Room: High School Football Regionals

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Published on November 18, 2019 -
The Locker Room: High School Football Regionals

The Locker Room: High School Football Regionals

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Hey good evening and welcome everyone..alongside my partner in crime petar hood, i go by the name justin prince..

This is the locker room..and pete, coming into the night, only 48 high school football teams were still alive in the state tournament..

Eight of 'em from right here in northeast indiana..and the name of the game for those squads tonight... survive until semi-state... yeah, as you mentioned, eight of our local teams vying for regional championships tonight..we'll get to all eight, i promise, but we're gonna start in 1-a and work our way up..and prince, what a difference six weeks can make..

South adams smacked adams central 42-14 in the regular season..tonight, the two rivals meet up for a rematch in regionals..and this time, it was a totally different story...we head to monroe... it's a battle between two top five teams in class 1-a in the locker room's game of the week... ???they were fired up at the landing strip, and rightfully so... lot to cheer about if you're an a-c fan tonight..

???first drive of the game for the flying jets... on third down, dallas schwaller hits a wide open dalton gerber for a big gain... that gets adams central into the redzone..

???and a few plays later, they hand it to blake heyerly to finish the drive off... michael mosser's team sets the tone right out of the gate... it's 7-0 jets..???but the starfires strike back on the ensuing possession... james arnold, didn't always have a lot of time to throw tonight... but he does here, hitting braden bixler... and bixler makes a big play out of it..

Tackled inside the 10... ???later in the drive... nic stuber stampedes into the endzone... we're all tied at seven..

But the starfires offense would go cold from there..???later in the first half, looking to take their first lead of the game... but arnold gets ambushed by ben voirol in the backfield... ball is out... joseph collier recovers... ???how bout this... south adams averaging 43 points per game coming into the night... flying jets hold 'em to seven tonight... a-c is on to semi-state for the second straight season..

19-7 your final..

Lcc 43 njsp 3 fourth regional matchup in 2a eastside blazers making the trip down to eastbrook taking on the 5 time regional champs panthers.things not going so hot at the top of the third quarter, blazers down 35 to 9 things start bright for them though, panthers going for a field goal here, a bad snap allows the blazers to get in and actually block the punt.

Ball recovered by eastside's phoenix smyth and he would rumble his way to out near the 50 yard line before being brought down.one their first drive of the half, they would pick up two consecutive first downs.laban davis will roll out here, finding wade miller's hands.

He's able to hull the ball in and scramble to pick up 11 yards.very next play, davis elects to roll the other way with it, finds a wide open dylan bredemeyer who's able to keep that ball off the ground and helps his team ge a first down.eastside would turn the ball over on downs though.

But they still have some fight left in them eastbrook though, they were quick and effiecient with their play, tought to handle.a few plays into the 4th quarter here, panthers running back exekiel binkerd scrambles to pick up a first down.the next play, isaiah dalton picks up a few more yards.then two plays following, wyatt stephenson makes his way into the endzone to give the panther their only score of the half, but they're up 42-9east side trying to make something happen still.

Blazers try the ol sweep play around the corner, mate firestone trying to turn the corner and he does, picking up a first down for the blazers unfortunately tonight, they weren't able to turn first downs into touchdowns as their season ends at the hands of eastbrook 42 to 9 the final.

Andrean 36 lewis cass 14 ???we head to zollner stadium... and if you like highlights... this game was for you.???lets start with the first possession... q-b brandon davis doing his best mahomes impression...sc rambles...jumps and completes it to tyler grossman for the score.

Seven nothing concordia....but it won't last long.

???first play for chatard... daylen taylor puts on the afterburners... my guess... we're going to see his name again... in for the score and ties it up seven -- seven.???chatard would eventually get the ball back after a three and out..

And now it's time to work the slot... complete down the middle for the first down... sets up the one yard dive into the endzone... that's taylor again..

Chatard up 14 to seven.

???cadets looking to get back into the game... and the ensuing kickoff... couple blocks.

And its randy moss.... straight cash homie..

Kamerson johnson... see ya later..

Lets call it 90 yards... and the game is all tied fourteen to fourteen.???people... we're still halfway through the first... big couple plays for the cadets..

A big underdog coming into this game.

So why not.

Onside kick... and they get it... crowd loving it.

Team loving it...???but not able to do anything on that possession... and you can't give up possessions on this chatard team... it's another house call for taylor.

Making it 21 to 14 at the end of the first... ???and they hold on to win.

Final... bishop chatard 56... concordia lutheran 28.

Marian 17, knox 0 out in gas city, east noble knights took on mississinewa indians for the regional 10 3a crown.both teams up for it and this one was back and forth in the first half.east noble would get the ball all the way down to the 11 yard line, but ultimately settle for a field goal, they go up three nothing.

Mississinewa, their run game was hard to stop.

Two quick guys in the backfield for the indians.5 foot 3 carson campbell is able to get around the corner.

And able to pick up about 20 yards on this play putting the indians in the red zone.they would stay on the ground.

This time bring campbell around the other end.

He would get a few good blocks up front to make it a 7-3 game.

East noble, they aren't going away though and they got this guy to make sure of it.

Bailey parker calls his own number.

He's able to drive the ball down to the 9 yard line for the knights.the very next play, he calls his number again.

This time it's worth some points though as he just makes it into the endzone.

Helping give the knights the lead 10-7.

Mississnewa says dont fix what ain't broke.

They drive the ball all the way down to the 2 yard line on their next drive.

This time it's carson's older brother cade campbell who scores the tuddy for the indians.

They would take the lead again, but that's all the points they're scoring in this game.

A few plays later, east noble looks for the pass over the middle, parker would find hayden jones.

He gets a block and makes a few dudes miss to get into the endzone.

Knights go up 17-14 and they move on to win the regional crown by a final score of 30-14 hobart 36 new prairie 7 3 in class 5a... defending 4a state champs bishop dwenger looking for their third straight regional crown visiting lafayette harrison... first drive of the game for dwenger... tobe eke goes 28 yards to paydirt... and the saints are up seven nothing ensuing raiders possession... tyler ka-noy picked off by callan stauffer...and dwenger would capitalize on the turnover... eke again... he plunges in for another score... saints led by 20 after one... 28 at half... it's 28-14 in the third now... lucas krohn... he went viral last year... this year... just making back beraking plays... 34 yards to the residence... saints win 35-21 for their third straight regional title.... valpo 49, mishawaka 0travel to valpo for semi state.

Alright on to 6a we go... homestead the host..

They come in ranked second... taking on carmel... they're ranked fifth...and this is not the way you want to start if you're homestead... first play from scrimmage... dylan dowling..

Listed at 6-foot, 150... man is hard to miss..

Even harder to tackle... he goes 67 yards untouched to the endzone... and the greyhounds go up 7-0...sparty has some big play capability though too... first play for homestead..

Luke goode hooks up with with cam rogers for the big gain... deep down inside carmel territory.... later in the drive... third down... goode with plenty of time in the pocket... and he finds jake archbold... he drags the foot... that's a touchdown... and homestead ties things up at 7 a piece... it'd stay that way for a while... both defenses playing well... second quarter... dowling takes the shovel pass... but malik mickens sniffs it out..

Spartans force the punt...but the homestead offense just couldn't do enought... fourth down... goode looking jared kistler's way... pass broken up by tamarris springfield..

Spartans turn it over on downs...and carmel would take over from there... christian williams the fade to aidan ellison puts carmel up 14-7 at recess....and then they'd put things away in the second half... zach white rumbling his way in to the endzone for six... carmel goes up 21-7... they'd pitch a second half shutout... homestead's season comes to a close 31-7.... they end the year 11-1... merrillville 42 warsaw 28 3 and finally our play of the night takes us back where we started..adams central's ben voirol with a violent hit on james arnold..

Forces a fumble at a key spot in the game... joseph collier recovers..and how about that a-c defense, holding south adams to just seven points tonight on their way to a second consecutive regional crown..


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