Minor League baseball players in limbo; USM alum Kirk McCarty back in Gulfport

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Published on March 26, 2020 -

Minor League baseball players in limbo; USM alum Kirk McCarty back in Gulfport

Back in January, News 25 did a feature piece on former Southern Miss Pitcher Kirk McCarty who was seemingly poised for a breakthrough season in the Cleveland Indians farm system.

When that season actually begins remains to be seen.


Minor League baseball players in limbo; USM alum Kirk McCarty back in Gulfport

Back in january... news 25 did - feature piece on former - southern miss pitcher kirk mc-- carty... who was seemingly- poised- for a breakthrough season... in- the cleveland - indians farm system.- when that season actually - begins... remains to be seen.

- a seventh-round pick in 20-17..- mc-carty now finds himself in - the same boat as hundreds of- other minor league players... - anxiously awaiting a world- with baseball... and without- the corona-virus.

- the best case scenario seems to- be an early summer return...- and even that blueprint would - come with several question- marks.- one of those being tied directl- to player - compensation... which is only - being covered by the major- league- clubs, through april 8th... at- least as of now.- another question... how in the- world do pitchers stay- ready for something... when the- don't know when to be - ready?- mc-carty says... he's still - looking for that million dollar- answer.

- - "that's a good question.

If you- know- the answer let me know because - don't think anyone knows right- now.

We're all- trying to just sort through it- and say what makes the most - sense with the current- situation?

We've got guys in- california and other states tha- - - - have kind of locked down, it's- like what can i do?

So they've- actually recommended to us if - you've got weighted - balls that are soft, throw them- into a wall.

How do you stay- ready for something - when you don't know when you- need to be ready?

Typically, we- have a six-week - - - - ramp-up for spring training.

Th- starters do.

And now it's like- we're not going to get- that.

We understand that.

So- you've got to stay ready in som- regard.

But still, it's - hard to simulate throwing to- hitters.

It's hard to get that- game-like feel without- being in a game.

So it's- definitely a challenge, but it'- kind of the situation that- we're in and we're all working- - - - to figure it out together."

- mc-carty says he planted a- garden with his wife erica... - during- some of their isolation down- time.

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