The West Village designates May as "Stronger Together" Giveback month

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The West Village designates May as "Stronger Together" Giveback month

The West Village designates May as "Stronger Together" Giveback month with free food giveaways


The West Village designates May as "Stronger Together" Giveback month

Watching which jack later joining us now as we wrap up the last few minutes of let's chat worse with west village j, first of all, good morning good morning.

Should you doing today i'm doing fine, thanks.

I wante to ask you this question publicly we were talking about this during the break i asked you help bad between the pandemic and the tornadoes that the hotel industry.

It then hit you told me something that absolutely blew my mind, which is short with our viewers.

Yes, what is the pandemic crippled the hotel industry wanted to chattanooga specifically was hit really hard with old zweig in some major companies in the are, not traveling, but it was tragic because the tornadoes were and what was always save some of chattanooga actually ran the second highest back out with april is now easter sunday on him.

So what you know a lot of hotels you were able to open boys working so in some ways it was a blessing on a lot from th heart second in the world.

This person you you guys at the west village have gotten together and you are distributing a tremendous amount of food i believe are calling this the 20 gotten together and you are distributing a tremendous amoun of food i believe are calling this the 23 days.

As i write 23 ac are stronger together is you know to give back to your tenant buyer and or really wanted to try and help the community to be is so great west village is developed over the last year's august the several times talkin about they really would back forth the effort.

So they arranged by supplies you don't essentially give away 200 200 bags day anybody in the community that you can come dow every day monday through friday from 11 you need to in you know were practicing social distancing, obviously down there working saved everybody's a mas and gloves, but we got back together you come down a tree right in front of the west.

Wel, you'll see a team.

Each side of the road on the t9.

The lesson chattanooga and still give every car comes down.

He is rolled under window, in your bag will feed a family of work on you at this point we've not signaled anybody resting in where thousand back day instead strong you're doing 200 bags per day.

What response you getting from the people who are driving up in your their family.

Listeners, there's people that are emotional but are extremely grateful as they come down ther and that's really why we want to do this in a byron really wante to, you know, try do something to help people not only with the pandemic that's going on and on employment also is tornado victims anybody in the community.

You don't need to be too proud at this point everybody needs help and it's been unbelievable turnout down there again.

We haven't had to say no to anybody.

We were bags if needed.

So there's been some days were almost 300 bags we started last wednesday and may in its monday through friday don't absolutely phenomenal.

I mean, truly, truly phenomenal.

I sure himself.

The other fours that we said thank you from the very bottom of our hearts is a wonderful thing that they are doing and you with west village are doing to help out the citizens here in the greater chattanooga area you want to find out how you can help, mayb help the fours and help jay help others.

Check out west village chattanooga.com.com that's it for this

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