Dealing with no baseball as MLB season delayed

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Published on March 22, 2020 -

Dealing with no baseball as MLB season delayed

Travis Herget is the former head coach at NIACC and works with the Philadelphia Phillies.

He, like many others, is at home waiting on the season to continue.


Dealing with no baseball as MLB season delayed

As well.xx "the coronavirus has seemingly halted everything in the sporting world and that includes our national pastime.

But what about those that work in sports, how are they affected by the pandemic?"

Travis hergert is living the dream.

"it's been an incredible experience."

The former niacc baseball coach landed a job with the philadelphia phillies this past december as a minor league assistant pitching coordinator.

But like so many others working in sports..

His dream is put on a hold due to the affects of the coronavirus.

When the nba postponed their season, the feeling was that baseball would soon follow suit.

"the talk around camp was from the players to the staff, ok when are they going to send us home?

When are we going to get shutdown?

The máláb season sits in limbo with opening day delayed by at least two weeks.

It's a weird feeling for hergert, who's been around the game for so long.

"to have it sort of i wouldn't say striped away, just temporarily put on hold, is a very eerily feeling."

The coronavirus and its impact stretches far beyond pro baseball.

The nájácáaáa cancelled spring athletics, meaning hergert's former players at niacc were done just three weeks into the season.

"it visibly shook me, to see it all come to an abrupt end, it's tragic."

With a season in jeopardy, all he can do is make sure his players are still active, even without face to face instruction.

"a lot of them are in places right now that are really just shut down, sort of in a gridlock if you will but we're just checking in with them, making sure they're doing what they need, making sure they're healthy for one, that they're in a good

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