Fort Wayne FC Season Canceled

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Fort Wayne FC Season Canceled

Fort Wayne FC Season Canceled

As coronavirus continues to impact the sports world, today another league with local ties was forced to cancel its season ..petar hood has the details..

Standup: "hunter, we're less than two months away from what was supposed to be fort wayne fc's home opener here at shields field.

But now we'll have to wait at least one more year for this new club to make its debut, as earlier this afternoon the national premeir soccer league announced it is canceling the 2020 season."

Marco navarro: "i mean, i was born and have grown up in fort wayne.

A lot of my friends are from here, so being able to represent the city... that would have been really fun and really exciting for us."narr: homestead grad marco navarro was chomping at the bit to get on the field with fort wayne f-c this summer...navarro: "it's kind of a different way to prove yourself, like in this league.

I have some friends playing on other teams around the league, so it would have been great to go up against them, but..."narr: but now that will have to wait.

With the club's inaugual season on hold, a roster loaded with local talent is left to wonder what could have been...navarro: "we had a pretty good team with people coming from all over, and i mean, yeah we were defintely talented."dr. erik magner: "i wouldn't have been surprised if this team would have been very competitive, not only in the great lakes conference, but also in the midwest region.

We were very happy about the quality of players.

We were very excited."narr: excited, not only because they believed they had good players, but also because of the support dr. erik magner and company felt from the community.

And magner says he's hopeful that will continue as the team turns its attention to next year..

Magner: "we want to make sure that our fans stay with us through winter.

Connecting to the community, connecting to the buinesses, connecting to the city, i think that was great.

What a wonderful experience, and that will actually help us now in preparation for the next season."narr: so while there won't be soccer at shields field this summer, fort wayne f-c still believes it has a bright future, even on the gloomiest days.

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